Sunday, November 02, 2008

Watching "Big Night" again

For those who are fond of cooking, Mediterranean culture, Italian Immigrants of early 20th century America, or of any of the following: movies like Bigfellas, Il Postino, Zorba, The Godfather; and TV cooking shows like Restaurant Makeover and the like; or S. Tucci's acting (at his best); or else the following type of book, Kitchen Confidential:

Then get a hold of the movie


El Duderino said...

It's a great film. Food is a great medium for metaphor here and in Babette's Feast.
I love this scene at the end, what understatement, what nuance!

CultMan said...

I agree. But the "understatement" and "nuance" and poignancy of this scene (among the best in the movie!) is lost if you haven't seen the first hour or so of the movie. That's why i didn't publish an active link. Let 'em see it for themselves.