Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Utter Nonense

Learn from your green superiors:
39-year-old Chameides -- nicknamed "Sustainable Dave" -- recycles his garbage or else stores it in his basement. He says he wants to show that it is possible to dramatically reduce his family's consumption habits.
And he can show astounding results. Rather than the 1,600 pounds of trash the average American family produces each year, Chameides, his wife and two daughters have amassed
only 32 pounds over the last 12 months.
Great, what to do with all that garbage you have their in California?
Ironically, even Chameides's rubbish will not go to waste. In January, his refuse will be sent to the Trash Museum of Connecticut to be exhibited.
I see. Garbage makes a three thousand mile trip. Green weenies get all self congratulatory, everybody wins.

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