Wednesday, December 03, 2008

While Brian Cashman Napped

“I’ve been old-school. There’s been an understanding for years that the amateur market in Japan has really been off limits. We’ve not scouted Tazawa because we haven’t scouted the amateur market. I couldn’t tell you how good he is.”—Yankees GM Brian Cashman, discussing why his team didn’t scout or pursue RHP Junichi Tazawa, who is reportedly headed to the Red Sox.
Or, while Cashman was dozing genuine baseball professionals plucked some promising baseball talent from an unconventional yet obvious source. Sloth and/or ignorance posing as virtue is even less attractive than Cashman's creepy visage.
I bet before too long Cashman and the remnents of the Evil Empire will learn just how good the new Japanese kid is. I'm willing to wager that Tazawa will have more wins per dollar spent than Carl Pavano ($10 million per win) and Kevin Brown (a bargain at $3, 928,571.50 per win) combined. Those two along with Randy Johnson (attended high school with Mel Ott) were some old school signings, how'd they work out?

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