Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Barometer on why N. America is facing serious demographic problems

I was born in 1964. God bless my parents.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy (hint, hint) was assasinated in 1963, just over 45 years ago; it was probably the most publicized and analyzed murder of the 20th Century, excepting possibly the Holocaust murders.

During the past 10-15 years, whenever I use phone "tech support", or call various businesses for info or service, or even go to checkouts at the department and grocery stores and pharmacies, or speak to utility company reps -- all of which require more or less frequent discussions about personal info (eg name, address, etc) -- I have to spell out my last name, or my wife's hyphenated last name (repeatedly) in order to complete the customer service "interview".

Most everyone I encounter nowadays cannot spell our family names without repetition. Imagine that!

Now that's a demographic shift. Can you imagine meeting a cashier in Sears, or say a Gas Company phone rep, in 1980, who couldn't spell the most recently assassinated US President's name?

Now if I had Zaphod's real name, I wouldn't be surprised!

Just an observation about demographics, no prejudice intended.

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El Duderino said...

It's all a anti-Hibernian plot I tell ya.