Monday, January 12, 2009

"Jean de Florette" director Claude Berri dies

French filmmaker Claude Berri has died, may he rest in peace. If you haven't seen Jean de Florette and Manon of the Spring, do yourself a favor and rent both, sit down and watch them. Each is a great film, together they are perhaps the best cinema I have ever seen.


CultMan said...

2 of my favorite films -- I saw them at least a dozen times while they were playing; I went out last Summer and bought the DVD, after searching for many years; just recently they have been made available for purchase again. Alas, my wife put them out on the front lawn for garbage (as she didn't know what they were) but I saved them in time.

If you can get the English translation of both TEXTS which is definitely IN PRINT (a double book: Pagnol for non-francophones), do so -- the actual novels are better than the movies.... well, how better? When it comes to Great Art?!?

CultMan said...

In fact, I will add -- 2 of the Greatest Films and 2 of the Greatest "novels" of the 20th Century.