Thursday, October 20, 2005

The Trial

What can you say about Saddam Hussein that hasn't been said a million times before and usually more eloquently and succinctly. The trial seems to me to be an opportunity to showcase in the middle east what I view as the cornerstone of our western democracy; equal protection under the law.
We all know Saddam would be well served by a quick bullet to the back of the head and few could argue successfully that he didn't have it coming. By granting this s.o.b. an actual trial, the nascent Iraqi government demonstrates a few important lessons to it's people, the region and the world. The most obvious is that no one is above the law and in this example the darker flip side of that coin, no man no matter how monstrous is denied due process. If every person is treated the same before the law, can justice be that far away?

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