Monday, November 21, 2005

I Hate Lisa Simpson

Is it me or does everyone else in the civilized word dread it when Lisa Simpson is the main story line in the Simpsons? She's such a preachy, goody two shoes, vegan pain in the ass, I hope they kill her off and replace her Itchy the Mouse. I guess you can't win friends with salad.


Kahran042 said...

I wish that more people hated Lisa. I know that I certainly do.

Anonymous said...

I found this blog by typing "I hate lisa simpson" on google because I HATE her so much. It's the MOST annoying fictional character ever created IMO. Everytime they make an episode based on her, it's some damn boring and stupid and I hate how she ruins and spoils everything the great homer or bart does. She really needs to die.

Anonymous said...

Oh I'm so glad I'm not the only one. I too typed in "I hate Lisa Simpson" in google just to see like minds out there. Today they aired the episode where Lisa raises her hand and insists Springfield legalize gay marriages. (ooh such a 'sweet' little girl, barf) What a preachy, politically correct, condescending, little goodie two shoes. One step above Oprah Winfrey as the most annoying thing on TV.

Anonymous said...

death to lisa simpson, kill her off and replace her with a teenage chick or somthing. I hate her so much that i would send her death threats if se were real, also vote liberal next election

Anonymous said...

lol, i also found this by typing i hate lisa simpson on google, its well noticed that people hate her episodes, i dont even leave them on anymore they annoy me so much, she is just wrong about everything and the other characters end up being on her side about things. i just saw a vid for the new simpsons game and the characters are homer and her! surely it should of been homer and bart. Even homer and a stick figure drawn by a child would be better!!! The r tard.

Anonymous said...

I HATE LISA SIMPSONS really i hate her she ruins everything in the simpsons. To the fact where i want to go in the simpsons and kill her. Really i just hate her and she blames everything on men sometimes really i hate feminist like this @#$%^

Anonymous said...

I even have an i hate lisa simpson group on bebo!! EVER! HATES D NEEDY BITCH! she a typical muppet

Anonymous said...

she's a misfit. kick her out. she spoils everything for everybody: homer, bart and the viewers

Anonymous said...

I, too, typed in "hate lisa simpson" to see if anyone else distains her character. It's good to see that others recognize her condescending and preachy attitude, which no doubt reflects the attitude of the writers. She's protrayed as the only character with any sense, but in reality she's a sucker (i.e., they are suckers) to anyone that claims to live for a cause. She's a true perversion. I liked the earlier versions of the Simpson's, but I'm finding myself throwing the newer ones in the trash.

Anonymous said...

Its over!!!! The Simpsons have lost it. they have few and far in between shows that are any good. Ive watched this show since day one and now i cant stand watching anything after 2006. they should of called it quits back then but now they will slowly burn out and leave a bad taste and disappointment in the hearts of many.
the only way they can makeup for some of this is to kill Lisa Simpson

Anonymous said...


Heichef said...

Lisa Simpson is one of the most pretentious and self-centered characters you can come across in a tv show. Season after season, her character is getting more and more self-righteous. Numerous examples exist where she prioritizes her ego before her family well-being. That could be coherent for a normal 8 year-old child, not for a supposedly erudite buddhist idealist with deep philosophical, political and religious concerns. All this is worsened by the fact that she is presented as a model of moral perfection. Bart is actually capable of nobler acts towards her than the reverse (see the episode "Separate Vacations", S03E18). The increasing focus on Lisa is one of the reasons for this shows' decreasing quality.

Anonymous said...

Everyone I know who watches The Simpsons hates Lisa, and though I hate Family Guy at least they acknowledge that Meg is universally hated and its about time that The Simpsons do the same.

Anonymous said...

Whoah. That was weird. I was watching The Simpsons and the sudden rage hit me, so I typed "I hate Lisa Simpson" into Google. Looks like I'm not the only one to do that. Let's start an anti-Lisa club. I'm like the fourth person here to type that exact phrase into Google.

Anonymous said...

I hate this know it all bitch , she is the ultimate reason why the simpsons now suck!!!!! I hope they kill her off that skank!!!

Anonymous said...

Glad I found this. I too typed "I hate Lisa Simpson" on google.
I still love the Simpsons and I always will but I certainly hope one day they kill of that bitch. She's been pissing me off since I was a kid.

Anonymous said...

I hate feminists. They are preachy.

I hate Peta and preachy vegans slamming their hypocritical values to other people's throats.

I hate liberals and all their socialist views which are impractical in the modern world.

I hate intellectuals who thinks they are above everyone else.

I hate the idea that gay marriage should be legitimized. It's not natural and especially unfair to people who are into natural marriages. Gay people cannot reproduce! The human race dies here.

Lisa Simpson is all stated above.
Therefore, I hate her.

Eat meat and believe in the "opportunity for all", and keep your traditions alive.

Anonymous said...

Hello...I am a diehard Simpsons fan, and I hate Lisa Simpson. Just watched s20ep09, where Lisa befriends a strange little girl and they write a stupid little fantasy novel. I'm pretty sure the writers were trying to bring Lisa out of the closet with this episode, as they lived in a Fairyland name "Equalla" or some shit. There were also rainbows plastered all over the screen everytime they were together. Death to Lisa! Viva Kerney!

Anonymous said...

Same here, i was watching the episode "Moaning Lisa" in Season 1 and when it's done I just couldn't help it and typed "I hate Lisa Simpson" in Google and got this page, glad i'm not the only one!

Anonymous said...

I believe I would make Number 6 of the people who googled some derivation of "I hate Lisa Simpson."

Hell, I didn't even add "Simpson." Just "why I hate Lisa," and this is a the gold mine that I found...heh heh

Yeah, it's no secret that Lisa is a radical leftist. What I hate so much is the fact that she tries to push her beliefs onto others.

Go ahead, eat nothing but plants, just like the animals that non-vegans love to eat. It doesn't bother me, so long as that's where it ends. Try to force veganism onto others, though, and we're going to have problems.

Yes, I hate Lisa Simpson, with a passion. I fully agree with the poster who suggested killing her off, and replacing her with a teenaged girl. Anyone remember that episode where they had a variety show, or something, and the Family was on stage singing and dancing? They had different character playing as Lisa, who was a little older, and was a cheerleader.

THAT is the Lisa they should have had, right from the start.

Anonymous said...

i wish that bitch would just get raped by moe and get it over and done with, fuck i hate her

Anonymous said...

Lisa totally ruins the simpsons, whenever something good happens from homer or bart, lisa always has to ruin everything. I can't believe i wasn't the only one to type "I hate Lisa Simpson" in google. But seriously they should remove her from the show.

Anonymous said...

She pisses me off, she's such a show killer. She makes the simpsons so much less enjoyable to watch.

max said...

i jst hateeeee herrr....death
to lisa
n marge

Anonymous said...

Shes a leftie alright

Anonymous said...

is it me or is just everyone hateing her ??? i'm sure I do

Anonymous said...

I dont think I could be happier knowing that other people share my pain..the pain of a whiny,nasty,self centred little cow ruining my favourite show and constantly disrespecting marge and homer(who for reasons unknown to man still love and support her)
Typing in "i hate lisa simpson" into google has eased my ever building rage.
I thought id have soo much more to say, but the relief of knowing im not alone has silenced me...for now.

tiernan said...

Lisa Simpsons presence genuinely fills me with dread and loathing. Precocious, irritating, spoilt and not even a real person. She is pretty much the problem with America, and yes, it really is that simple. Lisa Simpson is fundamentally to blame for war, famine, poverty, the recent BNP successes in the UK and coke zero.

Anonymous said...

First of all, lol to the person before me. Second of all I'm the next person in a long line of people who have or are going to type into google and find this rather refreshing blog that gave me hope for America. I just hope we all wake up before a Lisa Simpson is in the WHite House..... wait....

Anonymous said...

lol I too typed 'I hate Lisa Simpson' into Google...amazing at least 10 other people have done the same...She's a crap character, and bores me

Anonymous said...

ha i typed "i hate lisa simpson" in google as well. Shes a brat who always gets in everyones way. damn i hate her....

Anonymous said...

Im glad to know there are many more who share my undying hatred of that whiny little cow. Anyone remember the episode where homer got a talk show and it was a big hit? Well do you also remember when that little bitch had to come in and ruin it all by making homer talk about "issues" and of course homer lost his tv show, and probably a pretty healthy salary in seconds. If id been homer id have started beating her that day, and id still be beating the shit out of her today.

Anonymous said... is so funny how many people googled i hate lisa simpson (myself included, and thats why we're all here i guess) and she has lost the simpsons millions of dollars like the epinsode stated abover where she loses homers tv show and when she simultaneously gives homer a near fatal (two actually) and loses the family millions of dollars, cant remember the epinsode though but yes..i hate her and i get it your an intellectual (who the hell isnt these days) also whats up with her speaking different languages and such, i mean she's eight, how did she learn all this stuff..mainly she reminds me of all the liberal hippy douches who talk crap on the conservative views because they're not like theirs which is funny cause liberals are about equality but only if everyone thinks equally like them (just so you know i hate both veiw-points, i got my own and its a little bit of everything)..sorry to get into this long ass thread about this N all but thats how lisa simpson makes me feel..i hate her almost as much as i hate family guy (and i am not ever going to even watch the cleavland show cuz they got king of the hill canceled) if you stuck around to the end of this i apologize for the length and thank you for reading

Anonymous said...

I too searched up "i hate lisa simpson" into google.. I guess I finally just had enough of her preachy, leftist, feminist PC attitude... she makes me sick

Anonymous said...

Another Lisa hater. I don't much care what her political views are. I do not mind her self-righteousness, her selfishness, her willingness to impose her beliefs on others, her disdain for her fellow humans, and even her hypocrisy. I dislike those traits in real people, but some truly lamentable fictional characters can nonetheless be entertaining and even likeable.

All of those traits I mentioned above would be forgiveable if the character was in any way believable. The fact is, she's not. She's merely a walking, talking pulpit through which the writers of the show all too frequently ram various messages down the throats of their viewers in a manner almost totally bereft of wit and subtlety.

Anonymous said...

I'm just another one who typed I hate Lisa Simpson into Google, and thought I'd share my hate with you all.

I also hate Carla from Scrubs. Self-centred bitch.

Anonymous said...

I too typed in "I Hate Lisa Simpson". I hate her for so many reasons:

1.She's such an extreme feminist. She thinks all us men are the cause of everything wrong. I wish all men would just chase her through Springfield. That would be awesome.

2.She tries to push her religion on others. Every time someone says something like "God saved me", she has to go out of her way to prove them wrong. Just like Brian Griffin

3.She's such an environmentalist. I'll pick up litter and recycle, but I will not turn off my power for a month, or even a day for that matter.

4.She goes too far with her vegetarianism. I respect that she doesn't eat meat, so why can't she accept that we DO.

5.She has no idea about men. You can't just punch Bart in the face and leave him to cry. Now he'll be depressed for the rest of his life.

6. I'm perfectly fine with gay people, but letting all of them get married really does ruin the reproductive system humans need to survive as the dominant creatures on Earth.

7.I hate how everyone spoils her, as if she's perfect. She thinks she's better than everyone because she has a high I.Q., but Bart and Homer have proven that they are actually even smarter than her at times.

I say that the Simpsons writers should begin giving Lisa the ol' Meg Griffin treatment.

Anonymous said...

Lisa Simpson has gotten more annoying throughout the series, if anyone else has noticed her ungrateful attitude

SEASON 1: She was too emotional in the first season. She got depressed over only a few jokey episodes.

SEASON 2-4: Lisa was a lot more of a better person. She brought drama and heart to a pokey, funny show.

SEASON 5 & 6: She became more socially awkward and more political, she also became a bitch starting with this season when she began to push Buddhism and vegetarianism onto others.

SEASON 7-9: She became more talkative, preachy, and obsessive.

SEASON 10-18: She became more of a complete kill joy. Nobody wants to be around her because she wants everything to be perfect. She also became a complete hypocrite.

SEASON 19-21: She became a feminist, and began to ruin everything. She's also become a worst version of Meg Griffin.

Overall, I don't like most characters on the Simpsons anymore, but I do like Bart, Ned Flanders (when he isn't a party pooper), Duffman, Rainer Wolfcastle (the Arnold S. parody), and his daughter, Greta. Everyone else, especially Marge and Lisa Simpson.

Anonymous said...

Lisa Simpson has gotten more annoying throughout the series, if anyone else has noticed her ungrateful attitude

SEASON 1: She was too emotional in the first season. She got depressed over only a few jokey episodes.

SEASON 2-4: Lisa was a lot more of a better person. She brought drama and heart to a pokey, funny show.

SEASON 5 & 6: She became more socially awkward and more political, she also became a bitch starting with this season when she began to push Buddhism and vegetarianism onto others.

SEASON 7-9: She became more talkative, preachy, and obsessive.

SEASON 10-18: She became more of a complete kill joy. Nobody wants to be around her because she wants everything to be perfect. She also became a complete hypocrite.

SEASON 19-21: She became a feminist, and began to ruin everything. She's also become a worst version of Meg Griffin.

Overall, I don't like most characters on the Simpsons anymore, but I do like Bart, Ned Flanders (when he isn't a party pooper), Duffman, Rainer Wolfcastle (the Arnold S. parody), and his daughter, Greta. Everyone else, especially Marge and Lisa Simpson, are annoying.

Anonymous said...

My response to the comment before me: All the characters got this unfortunate dilemma.

Homer used to be a real person. He was a bit slow, but he was someone we could relate to. It's true what Troy McClore said, Homer has gotten dumber each season.

Marge used to be a housewife. As a result, when she decided to do something with her life, it would hit us with surprise. Now we can expect it. Plus, she ruins the show.

Bart hasn't changed too much; he's still the American Smart Ass, but now he has too much of a conscience.

I'm pretty sure we all know what happened to Lisa.

Maggie used to be a baby. She'd take two steps, then fall to the ground. Now she's too intelligent and she's becoming a whole new Lisa.

And for your information, Ned has become too strict and fun hating (but he can be cool at times). And Duffman, Rainer Wolfcastle, and Greta barely even appear anymore.

Anonymous said...

Lisa is the quintessential 1990's extremest. PC Thug, femin-nazi, enviro-nazi, PETA-freak. No moderation, no co-operation, no-understanding etc. The character is all about the trends of the 90's, become a Buddhist, become a Wiccan.
Oh, did I mention she is boring!
I have believed for some time that Meg Griffin is Seth MacFarlen's way of giving it to Lisa week-in week-out.

Anonymous said...

I'd rather have Lisa tortured the way Meg is than have Meg go through this. I do like the old Lisa, meanwhile new Lisa ruins a great show almost as bad as Scrappy doo. And it's true how Lisa has no idea how to deal with guys. She can't just punch Bart in the head, it takes away his pride.

I saw the old Lisa and I thought she was my favorite character (well, the second favorite after Bart), then I saw a few more episodes and I realized what a load of crap she was. She tortures her brother, criticizes her father forces her mother to be perfect, argues with every adult, and goes out of her way to make everything perfect. I'm surprised that nobody Springfield has hunted her down and maimed her yet.

And I don't like Marge either. She protests everything great and everything that adults, men or children like just so she can be recognized as a good mother. I'd hate to have a mom or wife like that. No wonder both Lisa and Marge have absolutely no friends.

Professor_Fate said...

Do you think this is an example of feminist hypocrisy, or just schizophrenia?

Lisa (cheerful about going to an Air Force show):"I want to meet the first female Stealth Bomber pilot. During the Gulf War she destroyed seventy mosques and her name is Lisa too."

Anonymous said...

one more for lisa simpson is a douche

Anonymous said...

One more for lisa simpson is a flaming hippy liberal douche.

overthehillsand half in the bag said...

Lisa sucks, but you all know that, the glory of the simpsons was that it's "irony" in the old days was not the bitter virulent unreasoning nazi-like knee jerk reaction to antything that goes against liberal dogma. it was always gentle and showed that all these characters had their foibles but...slowly lisa became the voice of "reason" the only "sane" one, and what that has come to mean is that she voices all the trendy bs hollywood liberal clap-trap-crpolla. she sucks, she treats her family horrendously and whines about how misunderstood she is. I wish she had been hit by the car that killed snowball one. is it crazy to hate a fictional character...nah, she blows chunks!

Anonymous said...

It is rally weird that someone here hates Lisa Simpson and then asks everyone to vote for Liberals when Lisa's lifestyle is actually libertarian. Everything Lisa did was OPPOSITE of everything that is conservative.

As for me, I never liked Lisa. I don't think her ideas are practical. She reminds me of a Peta member running amok.

Anonymous said...

Well her parents spoil her, and she always finds a way against her brother, but I know that she and Ned Flanders are polar opposites. Maybe Ned should become a little more cruel and be Lisa's Peter Griffin. it would be funny to see Ned place his ass on her face and fart on Lisa all the time while everyone around them laugh at her while she stinks for hours. It would be PERFECT.

Anonymous said...

First of all, I completely agree to the comment before me. Ned Flanders should DEFINITELY be Lisa's Peter Griffin and do all those mean fart related things to her.

Now to my comment.

Lisa complains about EVERYTHING. when she complains or cries, this is what she is actually saying...

"Gee... I'm soooo pissed! I lost something sooo precious to me. The thing I've lost can't be replaced, it's so important that I won't find something as valuable as long as I live. And man did I have the worst day! It's like... nothing in my entire life will be this horrible! I mean, I'm 8-years-old. This is the high point of my life! Nothing in my life can ever be this horrible. I know; all I have to do is go to Dad, Mom, or Bart so I can get my life back together. I mean, despite the way I bitch and moan about how dumb Dad is, how much Mom is a housewife, or how I send death threats to Bart, they're always dumb enough to help me anyways. I'll hug them then go back to ruining everything afterwords. *Lalala la la lala...

Being eight-years-old is miserable

Puberty and periods are not so horrible

Being an adult isn't so bad cause
when I'm old I'll be lovable...

Anonymous said...

Lisa Is a total bitch. But I know How I used to like her and Homer at the show's beginning, but I hated Marge from the start. Always bitching about everything... don't bring her into this.

Anyways, The Lisa Simpson Song thing I just read probably is exactly what Lisa is saying, hiding it under all those "sad" words. And believe it or not, there are actually people who LIKE her. Let me be the last to say that Ned should be Lisa's Peter Griffin

Also, Ned looks just like a more muscular and more innocent version of Peter, doesn't he

Anonymous said...

i love lisa simpson!!

shes very smart and shes always right you guys shouldn't look up to stupid characters without morals like homer and bart because they're just there to be stupid so you can laugh!

im a vegan and im gay also i vote liberal everytime there is an election so lisa is like me but in a cartoon viva Lisa (also im an illegal immigrant!)

Blue_Smartie said...

The show wouldn't work without the all the different characters. The whole point of the Simpsons is they are meant to contrast otherwise there wouldn't be a show.

El Duderino said...
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Anonymous said...

I new this would eventually happen. I was the one who put up the "My problems matter" comment. I knew that eventually people would come and ruin the point of hating Lisa Simpson. Well, ever since I admitted to being bisexual (I'm not sure yet), and ended my Christianity, I began to understand her a little more, but I still hate her.

Anonymous said...

I don't quite "hate" Lisa Simpson. To be honest, there were some moments when you just went "aww" because of her relationship to the other characters. Yeah, she's all whiny and preachy and tries to push her opinions on others, but the moments where she's not, you still see she's just an 8 year old girl who still belongs into the Simpsons family.

I think there is one big thing the writers of the show did wrong: They changed her character from an 8 year old, caring girl into a girl who's acting more like a 17 year old, rebelous teenager. You know, the kind of girl you see in other shows and just know she's going to be the unlikeable bitch of the show. Lisa once was a symbol of purity and even if she never was funny herself, she brought some laughs and awwws into the show.

Now she's pretty much just a bad copy of Meg Griffin and Hayley Smith (American Dad), minus the occasional laughs you get from seeing them just act in character. She was okay in the first seasons, and as long as the writers stood true to the character, she really was a Simpson. Sadly, like with most Simpsons characters, Lisa has transformed into a onedimensional caricature of her former self - and, as I said, she's not the only one. They may be in HD now, but they sure as hell aren't themselves anymore. It makes me sad.

Anonymous said...

Well you guys said everything I hate about Lisa Simpson, so I think there should be a character poll around here somewhere, where we can vote Lisa as the most f@**ing s@*k @$$ character of all time,
I also found the I HATE LISA Blog by typing it on Google thought I was the only one who hates her so much to almost type it down, anyways
good luck guys, Lisa ..!.. F@** YOU.

Your Hater

Anonymous said...

I remember seeing 2 episodes, one where Bart was better at playing jazz than Lisa and one where Magie was smarter than Lisa. In both episodes she sabotaged the one overshadowing her. And how many episodes are there of when one character is doing something that makes them happy,but Lisa doesn't like it and she gives them a sad face and a BS speech on how it's wrong, then the character stops doing it. I HATE WHEN THAT HAPPENS!!!!

Jakro said...

I think everyone who hates her lacks intelligence. True, writers have made some mistakes with her and she is harder to like in the modern era than during classic, but when properly characterized she is a great character.

Anonymous said...

..... She's F@%&ing 8. Wy does she act like a rebelious teenager now?? Everyone who hates her are smart enough to understand the enormous flaws in every thing she does. She's a hypocrite who thinks she has to make everyone do the rigt thing, but stops to do the wrong thing on countless occasions, then stops herself when she sees the flaws in what shes doing, but for christ sake, she does this like 5 times a season.

Anonymous said...

Everybody who hates her is a f**king idiot.

Anonymous said...

To the post above me, today I can watch older episodes and not hate lisa, but the newer episodes just make me want to f**king kill her every opportunity i get. I hate people that push there believes and values on other perople.
By the way, why did you go to this website? Did you just google "I hate lisa simpson" to see what people are saying about her just to call them f**king idots? FUCK YOU

Anonymous said...

Once again another Lisa Simpson episode. I was bored to tears and am sick of her snobbish ways. I think they need better writers who don't always bring up ballet and poetry and other elitist stuff. I don't like homer being relegated to supporting character. I don't want to live without the Simpsons, but I would really like to laugh at an episode again.

DLSF said...

To all of you, why do you waste your time complaining about why you hate the best character of all time?

Every time you posted that you hate her and wants her to die offends some Lisa fans and we have feelings too.

So, stop this madness once and for all before more feelings are hurt.

Anonymous said...

I was recently compared to Lisa Simpson. You have no idea what this dire statement has done to my ego.

Anonymous said...

Have you guys seen the episode "Dial 'N' for Nerder"? Lisa actually says the one honest line she's ever had up to date:

"Beneath my goodie two shoes lie some very dark socks."

Even though she's supposed to be the one with the high ideals and morality in the family, it becomes increasingly obvious that she can be more selfish and ruthless than Bart ever was. Bart is capable of feeling things like sympathy and guilt, but Lisa never does unless it works to her advantage.

Long story short, I hate her too!

Sam said...

Thanks to Google for bringing me to this wonderful site full of like-minded people (and a few people who were crazy enough to admit they like her). In some of the early episodes, Lisa was a bit more bearable. For instance, when she and Bart would prank-call Moe... Oh, those were the good days! Although I never have given up halfway through a "Lisa episode" (There's always a chance Homer or Bart will do something hilarious) I dread the episodes centered around her. Great blog!

Anonymous said...

Just the sound of her voice makes me cringe. Every episode focusing on her revolves around something stupid and pointless, usually politics or the environment. After a hard day at work I just wanna come home and be able to laugh a little. If I wanted to be bored and annoyed to death I'd opt for overtime. Even Marge episodes are interesting to watch, although not by much...

Mike said...

Lisa Simpson is what ruined the show. She and Marge are the most annoying characters i've ever seen. Family Guy and American Dad are the only things I watch on animation domination nowadays. Ned Flanders would make the perfect Peter Griffin for Lisa (as someone stated above), But I can't say I like him that much either (he was once the "perfect neighbor", but now he's just a christian fanatic. Ned, Homer, and Wolfcastle could be good Peter Griffins to her, and Bart can be her Chris.

Dawn said...

Every time an episode stars Lisa or Marge, it always gets all preachy and up it's own ass wit messages. Thats why family guy will remain superior until Lisa is killed.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Odio a Lisa Simpson se cree tan superior a otros incluyendo a sus padres. Cree que seu madre es poca csa porque solo es ama de casa, y a su padre por ya sabemos... y a bart por ser un mal ejemplo.
Da consejos dobles de sentido a veces ambiguos, ejemplo dice cosas a los demás que deberían de hacer, pero ellas no las hace por cree tener un "status quo" superior.
Ha intentado mantener este statu quo en los demás no, no yno para ella se sigue valñores mas altos no como ideal (altos ideales) sino por auto convencimiento de su superioridad con cualquier otra persona.¿Le gusta el arte? ¿lamúsica? si y sy pero al igual que defiende estas ramas culturales las critica porque la gente les presta mas atencion a estos ejemplo la tv las revisras los cantantes (en especial) PORQUE DISTRAÉN ALA GENTE LO VERDAREMANTE IMPORTATE.
Es irrespetuosa, engreida, orgullosa y muy prepotente hasta con sus seres queridos que la apoyan.
Le resiente el trabajo manual como el de Marge,sin enbargo ayuda en La casa de Retiro dónde esta Abe Simpson.¿Porque no ayuda en casa?
¿Por que? porque nadie la ve, y puede lucirsr ser apreciada. Es alguien quien busca el ejemplo politico solo por que si, pero que el otro haga las tareas menores, porque en su mente todos son inferiores.Y ella devería de ser lo mas admirado, confunde popularidad con liderasgo,etc, etc, etc.

Anonymous said...

Lisa relly need help, and must read To Kill a Mockingbird.And stop disgacing people.
when Gabriel came to help ALL simpson he say bad thing about they (with respect)

Marge cook to feed and vacinate her familly

Homer blaim all peole for his faults or mistakes.

Bart try to call attention all time






Anonymous said...

Gosh, she is just so selfish..

Top 10 reasons why Lisa ruins peoples lives:

1. She is so selfish that it hurts!
2. She is the reason why Bart is seen as "stupid". Bart could be a jazz musician, a news reporter, go to college, have his fiancé, or whatever, but he dumped all these things because he loves his sister!
3. She is so negative
4. She always thinks she knows best, or everything.. Give other people a chance.. Everybody has something good in them..
5. Well, she is the definition of "bitch"
6. She looks down at popular people.. You aren't a loser because you doesn't wear the right outfits, you are a loser because you're mean and looks down on people.. As I said..
7. She is so immature!
8. She always ruins the fun things..
9. She is such a drama queen..
10. Why can't she just relax sometimes? She makes everything seem tense...

I can't believe some people have Lisa as their idol..

Anonymous said...

Lisa Simpson is not real, she is a character that is written by writers. Writers who use her as a liberal mouth piece and general relayer of left wing propaganda. She tells you who to love, who to hate and what ethics you should have. This is why she leaves a bad taste in your mouth. It's not just a cartoon, it is a lot more powerful than that.

Anonymous said...

Why are you complaining about a cartoon character instead of real world problems ?

If there is someone to blame or shame, it is all of you!

El Duderino said...

Mewling liberals real or animated spewing thier nonsense 24/7 is a real world problem. Wise up nit wit.

Anonymous said...

I started to hate Lisa since the episode where she thinks Christianity is too dumb for her and decides to become a Buddhist (like wtf???)

I'm Asian, but I genuinely hate those preachy white liberals who idealizes about Buddhism or any other Asian crap but actually have no idea what they're doing. You know, like having a Chinese character tattooed on their asses or eating tofu just so they boast about how culturally open their lives are. The only reason I pretend to support the Democrats is cause they seem to care more about minority issues than Republicans.

Anonymous said...

LOL, I got here as most of the previous posters: typing "I hate Lisa Simpson" on Google.

I agree that, to some extent, the evolution of her character did ruin the show.

Nevertheless, her character portraits the typical hypocrite, and therefore is central in a show that aims satire and critizise modern society. If the character´s role was needed they could have made up a new one or give more protagonismo to another character like Marge for example, but not to an 8 year old. In this, South Park seems more realistic; the kids are just kids being kids.

There are real live people who are Lisa Simpsons, they push their beliefs and values on everyone, they have the same preachy attitude, sense of moral superiority, etc... but deep down they are just douche bags full of shit hypocrites who don´t practice what they preach.

I hate Lisa Simpson just as I hate her real life likes.

Lisa´s intervention that pissed me off the most was when Homer became the Chose One of the Stonecutters...

Anonymous said...

I also hate Lisa! I too found this blog by typing in "I Hate Lisa Simpson" in google.

She always complains, whinges, whines, looks sad. Most of the episodes are centered around her anyway and they are horrible.

She gets angry/jealous when someone else succeeds and cries/complains or looks sad when she doesn't win or beat them.

Anonymous said...

I find it hard to understand people who have to much time in their hands and waste it all by bashing FICTIONAL cartoon characters.

El Duderino said...

Yet you deem it a worthy use of your time to bash those who bash a fictional character. Ironic ain't it?

Anonymous said...

reasons that i hate lisa:

1.she tries to force her belifs on others

2. she thinks she is ignored and suffering

3. she considers herself above her family

4. she wont let anyone have fun

5. she wants things her way

6. she is overly dramatic

7. she has no respect for her family

8. she hates anyone better then her

9. if she cant have something, noone can

10. she thinks she knows everything

11. she orders everyone around like shes the adult

12. shes a f***ing hyocrite

13. shes really mean to bart, then goes and claims bart makes her life a hell

14. she treats homer like hes five, he may be a bit retarded but thats no excuse!

i hate it when lisa goes on about how her family is stupid and dragging her down. how can she not see how much they love her and what they do for her?! if they didnt love her, theyd have given her a good beating and kicked her out a loooooong time ago! just because she is intelligent, it dosent give her an excuse to force what she thinks on others or act as if shes above them, nothing gives her that right!

Anonymous said...

I can't stand Lisa Simpson. She is quick to pull out the morality card only if it is convenient to her or to prove some kind of political point that nobody cares about.

Ms. Hoover said it best when she called Lisa a PC thug.

Anonymous said...

lisa ruins the show in such a way that i often skip the episode i am watching when she speaks her opinion on something, or doesmher obnoxious crying that ismthe dumbestmfucking sound evernabout the dumbest shit. like in season 1 she, an 8 year old, tells her teacher she is too depressed to play dodgeball.. she is fucking 8 and nothing even prompted this, she ruins a decentmshow and i just want her to walk into moes bar and get gang raped and fed to one of the fucking animals she adores

Anonymous said...


El Duderino said...

Thanks for the valuable input Captain Obvious.

Anonymous said...

Lisa is kind of like Peggy Hill. Lisa is the obnoxious character that homer should be strangling instead of Bart. She obsesses over being smart and pushes her beliefs onto others. She lies a lot to save her ass

Anonymous said...

There is only one word to describe Lisa Simpson: hypocrite. I hate her so much!

Anonymous said...

lisa is what the show has become. i quit watching a long time ago because of it shoving political crap into my head. i watch tv to escape that garbage and heres my (former)favorite show bringing it all up again. and its all left-wing bullshit. heres a clue folks. when you ridicule people because of their beliefs, it only pushes them further away from your own. you won't change anyones mind by telling them their stupid. fuck lisa. and fuck matt groening.

Mika said...

She's a fictional character, yes, that's why we say we hate Lisa Simpson rather than Yeardley Smith.

Anonymous said...

I hate Homer for a number of reasons people have listed on this comments section: he ruins people's lives and I find the character hard to believe in.

I like the show a lot better now I know Lisa can have the same effect on people.

Anonymous said...

I find that most characters in the show are irritating some times, or even annoying, but that's what made them unique because each character annoy us in different ways.

In Lisa's case, her smart-mouth hypocritical liberal bias. Even though it is extremely annoying, for me it's quite amusing. That made her character unique.

Here are some solutions to all of your problems:
1. If you don't like it, stop watching the show. Easy.
2. If you don't like it, but insist on still watching the show, just change the channel the second she starts getting on your nerves.
3. If you don't like it, but cannot do solution 2, go to FOX,kill Matt Groening and current show-runner Al Jean for making the show so unbearable, until the point that you cannot press the TV remote by just watching 22 minutes of television.
4. If all of the above fails, JUST DEAL WITH IT.

End. (For those of you who cannot detect sarcasm, I am being sarcastic with solution 3, so if someone really does kill them, I will not be held responsible by the action).

Anonymous said...

I was random searching on Swag Bucks tryin to make a buck, when I searched for the Simpsons, I switched over to images and the first character I see is lisa. My immediate thought was that lisa is a hypocrite, so I searched that thought and ended up here. Good to see I'm not the only one who would like to flush her down the toilet. Lisa Simpson and Brian Griffin from Family Guy are the most annoying and hypocritical animated characters ever. She is always dissing other people for believing in God, yet in the rapture episode she is the only one who starts to ascend to heaven. Brian gets a ticket for parking in a handicap space then claims he got the ticket cause the mayor is corrupt. WTF is up with that. They make me sick to my ass. I haven't seen Simpsons or Family Guy in a while and I don't see my self returning anytime soon. LONG LIVE FUTURAMA!!!

Anonymous said...

I personally think Lisa is a misunderstood girl. Nothing ever goes her way (i.e. Meg Griffin LOL). So when she tries to get things her way, you all bitch about her on the internet. This quote from the episode Krusty ran for governer explains Lisa the best. "It would be nice to be on the winning side for once."
By the way, she is right on many of her political views. Gays should be allowed to get married. Imagine if you were not allowed to get married to who you want. Wouldnt that just piss you off!!! Besides, look how bad the Us became while George W Bush became president.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha. I don't hate her, although she is annoying, but I hate when she sings. Why is she always singing? She sounds terrible.

Anonymous said...

I hate lisa, I hate lisa, I hate lisa, I hate lisa, I hate her so much that me too I googled "Lisa simpson haters" to find this wonderful blog. I hate the way she thinks she is smart and the way she acts like adults although she is JUST 8!!! I don't care about her beliefs or she is a vegetarian, but I hate her whining all the time, forcing people to do things, and being spoiled by the other hated Marge!! I was jus watching the s08ep17 where she was a splendid babysitter, BUT I was sooo glad to see the great Bart torturing her to the boness, hell yeah bart you rockk mannn!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and F** you lisa, you n marge n maggie !!!

Anonymous said...

Like many I went into such a rage that had to type "I hate Lisa Simpson" on Google.
I really hate her for many reasons that might already have been listed but even so I need to get this off my chest,:

1-really she's an 8 year old and acts like and old grumpy woman;

2-she always feels the need to speak her mind to everyone;

3-she's selfish and thinks she's better than everyone else always acting with that "Holier than thou" kind of attitude not to mention how her voice is annoying;

4-again like someone said she always sabotages people who do something better than her;

5-she thinks she is some kind of chosen one or something;

6-she doesn't realize that other people are capable of doing things right and the sacrifices her family do for her and how comprehensive they are to her even though she's a bitch that probably ruined their lives for ever;

7-she always bitches that her life is so horrible an hopeless and she blames her family(that put up with all her crap) for it, no less;

8-she constantly humiliates her family in front a bunch of people;

9-even the characters who were supposed to be horrible such as Moe or Bart are capable of nobler actions than her;

10-she's always jealous of everyone and lies all the time and gets people into crap so she can save her bacon;

11- And the most important of all: she's like an 8 year old cartoon version of Rachel Berry from Glee.

I really wonder why people voted her for president on one of the episodes, because really who would vote for such a bitch? I know I wouldn't and I was really annoyed at that episode someone mentioned where she was the only one raising to heaven, really what did she do to deserve going to heaven in the first place? She doesn't even believe in God!

Just to clarify something from a post that got my attention, gay marriage wouldn't interfere in human reproduction because married or not gay people will still be gay and as such won't produce babies to populate our, already over populated, world.

Thanks for reading if you got this far.

Taylor Kerekes said...

Lisa happens to be my favorite character on The Simpsons and I say EVERYBODY STOP HATING LISA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Lisa is/has ruined The Simpsons(period) Sinilar bad characters and bad writing are/have ruined Family Guy and let's not forget SouthPark. How funny were the first couple of seasons when all the kids were MISCHIEVIOUS and Cartman evn more. Now Cartman's the only "bad' one and Stan and especially Kyle(OMG...OMG...OMG) is so preachy and unfunny. WHAT's GOING ON? All these shows were hilarious when they first started. Now political correctness, bad writers, bad writing and probably the most bullcrap pressure from a-hole exec bosses are ruining every decent cartoon adult and teen-age show. EVERY decent show, cartoon or not. What these shows need to do is to please accept a later time slot and go back to making original, ironic, topical or not funny shows made to make people laugh and no other underhanded or otherwise purpose. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hercule said...

I would like to start off by adding more to this trolling rant on Brian.

First of all, I actually prefer Brian's personality now because HE NOW HAS ONE!!! Although he's bias and irritating, atleast now I can watch an episode about him, unlike the early episode where he was boring and MORE irritating. This doesn't mean I like him though, I remember seeing a recent episode starring him about Stewie having an incredibly neglectful daycare watcher for himself and other kids--they're 1, and she decides they need independence, which means death--and Brian is just about to do something about it until he finds out that she is incredibly hot. After more babies die, Brian finally calls the cops because he finds out that she has a boyfriend. WTF!??

Now as for Lisa, well, everything's already been said, she's a hypocritical, annoying, arrogant, vain, preachy, big headed (literally) peice of Matt Groening's shit.

I think what both characters stand up for is right, but I think they have a wrong way of going for it.

Anonymous said...

Family Guy OWNS the simpsons. Lisa sucks ass, the show is boring and predictable, and Groening has the nerve to say that Family Guy broke their copyright claim!?

Here is a simple reason as to why every family guy character is better than the simpsons:

When Homer ruins somebody's life, the entire story shifts to that crappy person we most likely don't care about. When Peter does the same, the story moves on. Peter is the only person on TV who can buy a tank and a giraffe, destroy the house countless times, get drunk very often, and continuisly injure himself and his family without going broke.

Marge, in my opinion, is a VERY ANNOYING biased bitch, but she's still a lot better than Lois. Well, maybe not a lot--Lois is a lot of fun when she's drunk or being slutty--but Marge's extremely annoying voice is only 1/8 as annoying as Lois's voice.

Bart is also better than his "family guy counterpart" Chris. Chris is boring, annoying, lame, and fat. His character never really impresses me. Bart, however, continues to grow worse.

Meg is better than Lisa. Why? Because everyone hates Meg. They see what a bitch she is. Nobody sees this in Lisa, even when she makes it painstakenly obvious. And now it's worse because Meg might actually be becoming a more barable person, yet Lisa remains the same.

Stewie is great!! Does anyone even still care about Maggie?

Brian is certainly an arrogant hypocrit, but he's getting watchable. Is there even a simpsons counterpart for him? Oh wait, the idiots who think that Santa's Little Helper is his counterpart should just quit.

Enigma said...

Let's make this as clear as possible through example.

I haven't seen the simpsons, so i'm gonna watch this episode. Who is this, Lisa Simpson? I guess i should watch and see if she's the type of character I like

30 minutes later

Wow, I don't like Lisa Simpson, and this show itself isn't all that great, i think I'm gonna stop watching it.

Some lisa defendent:WHAAAAAT!???! If you don't like the show, then WHY'D YOU WATCH IT?? Why look at lisa if you're just gonna complain about her??

Me:No, see, I just watched the show for the first time to see if I would like it...


Me:I only watched this one episode, and now I know i won't watch it in the future, okay?

SLD:SHUT UP!!! You watched this, why? Do you admit you can get over her?

Me:I did, I just had to watch an episode to determine if i like her or not, geez. If I come here and state that i hate a character, wouldn't i have to see that character in order to determine my feelings toward her?

SLD:But why? why would you watch the show, implying that you do so on a regular basis?

Me:I saw one episode...determined that i didn't like the show...and am now deciding not to watch any in the future.

SLD:UGH!!! LOGIC, I can't be bothered listening to all of that because A.) It has a valid point, and 2.) I have the attention span of a walnut

Anonymous said...

I typed I hate Lisa Simpson in google too, LOL Can't stand her. She is offensive too all christians and anyone who disagrees with her beliefs. Too political nowdays. The show is just borring these days.

Anonymous said...

It's like gay marriage: If you disagree and debate it people call you a homophobe. What happened to my freedom of speech and human right to voice my beliefs and opinions. People like Lisa Simpson make me sick! As soon as you disagree with them you are the enemy.

Kyle912 said...

Some reasons here for hating Lisa are just plain dumb, you guys are fucking stupid.

I don't hate Lisa but I don't love her either. I find her interesting and I feel sorry for her because she is trapped in a world that will never be what she wants it to be.

People who hate her:

1) You are JEALOUS. Yes, that's the truth, you know you don't have the moral fiber or intelligence to be like her and understand what she's doing.

2) haters forget that if lisa simpson ran the world, gays could marry, there would be a lot more help towards people who were not BORN RICH, and a million other factors that are messed up in our country would get immediately fixed.

Now, people who love her:

1) you guys are just like her, you think you are superior than the rest of us. Even if you deny this fact, you know deep down you think your self-righteousness gives you a higher place than us and therefore your thought processing and perceptions of how society should be have more value than that of other people.

2) you are BORING, you know you are a boring person, incapable of striking up a conversation with a stranger, or going to a party and have people like you, thus it kills you to see other people having fun and every time you see it, you have to complain because according to you, if you can't have fun, others can't either.

3) you are an enormous HYPOCRITE. When luck favors others, you complain, when luck favors you, you remain quiet and benefit from it, even if it is unethical.

In conclusion, Lisa Simpson is not a bad person, she's just a reminder of things we don't wanna hear and facts we don't wanna know.

For example, I'll have chicken for lunch and I wanna enjoy it, there is a horrible truth behind how that chicken got to my plate. Now, is the person that comes to tell me how it got to my plate a bad person, or am I the bad one for eating it ?

I leave it up to you guys.

Anonymous said...

I am another "I hate Lisa Simpson" googler. I hate her because of that VOICE. OMG its like nails on a chalkboard. I have no idea what she talks about or stands for because I can't get past that horrible voice! She needs to die a slow painful cartoon death starting with offing her tounge and then maybe she could swallow some Lye.

Anonymous said...

I didn't want to do this, but people, Kyle912 has left the dumbest comment to date, I'm sorry, but so did the person BEFORE Kyle912
And here's why:

If you're using freedom of speech as your defendant, than you have no right to shut up anyone using THEIR freedom of speech to disagree. Also, you have no real reason to be against gay marriage, and I bet you can't give me a valid point as to why it shouldn't be legalized. Stop using freedom of speech as your loophole to talk like an idiot, okay?

Now on to Kyle912:

1)The second you said JEALOUS, I instantly tuned out. Nobody is jealous, stop acting like a conceited cheerleader. I understand what she's doing, and most of her decisions nowadays are correct, it's just the blatant arrogance and self-importance that makes so many people dislike her.

2)I actually agree here, the world would be better in your categories, but in case you haven't noticed, if Lisa ran the world, then the country would be flat broke. There was an episode focusing on that.


1)Don't really think I can defend the people who love her, they do give off everything you said.

She's a reminder of the real world and all it's failures. The person who comes to you and tells you is a bad person; it's up to the person who eats the food.

Also, to the next person, It's Marge's voice we should take care of first, then make our way to Lisa.

Anonymous said...

To the person comment before. Are you sure your not Lisa Simpson? You sound a lot like her. I think you mixed up the words love with hate.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, Don't you guys have anything better to do than to hate Lisa Simpson?
If you guys don't like her that's fine, but please don't be harsh on her.

Anonymous said...

No, I'm not Lisa Simpson, I'm just smart. I am in no way as self absorbed as that annoying little attention whore.

Now to the next person before me:
1) I'm sure people can choke up 5 minutes of their day to read a few comments and do as they please. Not everyone is so high maintenance.

2) We can be as harsh as we want. Like most of the dimwits here will tell you "She's just a cartoon! Blah, blah, blah!!" Anyways, she's not a real person, it isn't as though she has any feelings. And even if she was a real person, she has clearly shown that she has no feelings for anyone else.

She follows what everyone hates about both feminists and PETA members:
feminists are all about "equality", but in reality, they care nothing about men, only about women.
PETA is all about "peace", but they care nothing about human beings, or at least not when an animal is in the picture.

Anonymous said...

It's not just Lisa that sucks. Msrge and Maggie also suck. Lisa is the annoying liberal type that thinks she's better than everyone. Marge is the annoying bitchy mother who constantly nags Homer and Bart. And Maggie is just a boring baby that does fuck all. Though I don't hate Msrge or Maggie, they are boring and don't really add anything. They should make a new series where Homer and Marge divorce and Homer gets custody of Bart. Of course they should make Bart slightly older like teens, he's been ten for twenty years. But call it Homer and Bart. That way we get all the comedy of Homer and Bart, none of the annoyance of Lisa, Marge or Maggie. Homer and Bart are the only good ones anyway.

Anonymous said...

Lisa Simpson is a mix between Meg and Brian Griffin. She's like Brian Griffin in the way that she's a left wing extremist who forces her views on others. She's like Meg Griffin because she's unpopular and everyone hates her. But instead of killing her, because that has a really low chance of happening, have her get some scholarship to a fancy boarding school in Italy as she speaks Italian. That way no sad Lisa funeral, but the runt is still gone.

Anonymous said...

I hate Lisa, 'I'm unpopular, no one likes me, they should like me because I'm smart' well guess what Lisa there are millions of kids with the same problem, you're not the only person on Earth with popularity issues. And how can you expect people to like you when you go around acting like you're Gods gift. She acts like she's Einstein around cavemen. Kinda like Sheldon Cooper, except Sheldon adds stuff to the show, all Lisa doe is annoy people constantly with her extreme left wing views and her constantly whining. Go to Antarctica Lisa, no one likes you.

Anonymous said...

Homer should strangle Lisa, not Bart.

Anonymous said...

feel the same way.even marge isn't like that.

Anonymous said...

I hate Lisa so much, all I want to do is jump into the tv screen and stab her. She is pushy, arrogant, whiny and downright irritating. I especially hate her in the episode where she gets a restraining order put on Bart just because he was annoying her, and even though she could see how much he was suffering, she still wouldn't let him back into the house. (Why couldn't she have slept in the yard instead?) I also hate marge in this episode, for not making Lisa let Bart back in. The only people I hate more than her are Lois Griffin and all racist/sexist people. DEATH TO LISA MARIE(I think) SIMPSON

Anonymous said...

Lisa is such a manipulative little bitch.

One example is the second episode of the 16th season called "All’s Fair in Oven War". Lisa manipulates her mother to do what she believes is the "right thing to do" by showing disappointment. She doesn't leave her mother alone when she finds out that she cheats at the cooking competition. No, Lisa shows up at the competition, looking disappointed and sad just to manipulate her own mother.

But the best example is even mentioned on Wikipedia: In "Bart Star", (season nine, 1997) Lisa, apparently looking for a new cause to crusade over, defiantly declares that she, a girl, would like to join the football team. When coach Ned Flanders reveals that several girls already play for the team, she hesitates and claims football is "not really [her] thing". She then expresses distaste about a ball made of pig's skin, but one of the girls informs her that their footballs are synthetic and that proceeds are donated to Amnesty International. Visibly upset, Lisa runs off.

Anonymous said...

Lisa was tolerable in the first ~10 seasons. Episodes like the one where she tried to take the bus to the museum was enjoyable as it showed her she wasn't as good as she thought she was.

Then there are stupid episodes like the one where she shuts off the towns power so she can look at the stars. How selfish is this girl? Then the whole town focusses on her when she enters a spelling bee?

She is arrogant, selfish, hypocritcal, rude and, lately, she never gets her comeuppance. She would at least be tolerable if the characters would respond to her actions realistically.

Anonymous said...

I typed lisa stinks in google, as shown to me by great el barto.

Anonymous said...

Who said they feel sorry for lisa because she never gets her way or luck dosen't go her way luck always goes her way she is great at hockey , jazz and my most hated episode ever where they go to the beach and lisa copies bart and bullies him just to make friends and then when bart shows them who she really is they all welcome her back and make her out to be this great person it really annoyed me. Another comment from a lesbian feminist saying we should be more like lisa men are the problem etc. No i cant stand feminists these days ,back in world war 2 when women helped and the suffragettes who really were discriminated against ,but these days feminists are just ugly women who detest men for feeling sexually attracted to them for example femen , womens activists? There sexist terrorists against men and they dont recognise themselves as terrorists because it dosent favour them ,terrible people just like that manipulative lisa simpson

Anonymous said...

Lisa's icky and she smells weird.

Anonymous said...

So true!!!!! Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Lol. I too typed the same words too figure out why Lisa is hated and its the same reason. She's too damn preachy and pc for an eight year old girl. I can understand the early episodes where she was upset about Malibu Stacy and eating meat but then moving towards outright abandonment of her faith due to the apostasy of her church instead of pointing out more scripture as to why siding with Burns was wrong. The issue even resolved itself later but she still stuck to Buddhism. Plus the gay marriage episode made no sense that Lisa would suggest it...she's eight doesn't understand sex which is apparent in many episodes but still suggest it's legalized? Seems she's just reading from a jr. Liberals handbook without even truly understanding the material. Like she's pretending to be liberal just to fit in with a group of liberals that don't exist in Springfield. It's really sad watching Lisa go from a devout, intelligent, adorable Christian girl to an annoying, whiny, self righteous heathen siding with any liberal cause for the sake of it. Yet she hasn't contributed to any charity to benefit the needy or poor and she can care less about humans and their struggles but will gladly fight for trees, animals and the environment. I blame her apostate church and the U.S. government for breaking her innocence and leading her astray like the rest of her family. At one time, God chose Lisa and was calling her to heaven while leaving everyone else but Homer pulled her back down to suffer damnation with them. Would Lisa still be called now?

Anonymous said...

Like many sane people here, I typed "I hate Lisa Simpson" into a search engine to see what I would find and found this gem. Lisa sucks balls. Her ultra-liberal politics and self-righteous personality disgusts me to the core. I feel she's just a moronic sock puppet for some of the liberal writers to rub their beliefs in the audience's faces. They should start giving her the Meg Griffin treatment or just simply do away with her forever. To me Lisa Simpson is useless as a character. Her very presence repulses me but I feel usually vindicated whenever something bad happens to her. I think her rival, Allison Taylor, is way more better as a person. I wish Allison was given more screen time and Lisa given zero. I thought it was very stupid in particular how Lisa decided to convert to Buddhism just because her church started prescribing to Fast-Food Christianity. It was as if she was blaming all of Christianity instead of just only laying blame unto her church. It gives me relief that other people dislike her too; it tells me that not all hope is lost for America.

Max Pain said...

She has become an annoyance on later seasons, a hypocrite who dislikes anything yet sides with the likes of lady gaga anyway. I agree the reason this brat seems to be a know it all is because she's just a stupid kid who has yet to experience how things are as an adult instead of reading it from wikipedia articles.

Unknown said...

I hate Lisa Simpson sooo much... The Simpsons should just drop her ....

Anonymous said...

Someone needs a nap.

Anonymous said...

I too hate lisa, for many of the above named reasons. That is all.

Anonymous said...

Lisa is an annoying moralist SJW globalist shill, the show makes all the effort to kiss her ass.

Anonymous said...

give the writers credit, people. SJW peta liberal, of course.....but if you can’t see the self deprecation this show dishes out at the left....(I can only assume the creators and most of the writers are leftish) then what show have you been watching all these years?......Lisa is the vessel for this sentiment. The punching bag.....and you must notice for all her good hearted motives, her deeds always end in disaster. I!m appalled at this message board...not that you hate Lisa....but that you just miss the whole reason of Lisa.

So with that said...

I hate Lisa too.

And that’s why she’s the BEST character on the show.