Monday, November 21, 2005

Sad News In West Hartford

Two police officers were killed tonight in West Hartford in what the local media are calling a murder - suicide. Details are sketchy, but it appears that State Trooper Victor Diaz shot and killed Newington Police officer Ciara McDermott in her West Hartford home. This is the second Newington police officer to be killed in the last twelve months after Master Police Officer Peter J. Lavery was killed on the job by former corrections officer Bruce Carrier in December 2004.
Victor Diaz (pictured above right) was the state trooper who was arrested by Cromwell Police in March 6, 2005 for drunk driving among numerous other infractions. He was granted accelerated rehabilitation last May, which is more or less the courts way of warning you about your first screw up as long as it wasn't too major. As of last May his status with the State Police was still pending. I wouldn't be surprised at all, and this is pure speculation, if today's sad events have something to do with this prior peccadillo.
I would assume that any person who becomes a cop does so with the best of intentions - to protect and serve the public. But it's a tough job and they routinely deal with stuff we rather not think about. Victor Diaz probably made some bad decisions and officer McDermott ended up paying for them with her life. Keep them in mind. Whenever some sixteen year old kid wraps his car around a tree or some yahoo beats his wife unconscious it's these people who clean it up for us. Some things once seen and experienced can't be unseen and they have a price.

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