Friday, December 16, 2005

Happy Birthday Phillip K. Dick 1928-1982

"Several years ago, when I was ill, Heinlein offered his help, anything he could do, and we had never met; he would phone me to cheer me up and see how I was doing. He wanted to buy me an electric typewriter, God bless him--one of the few true gentlemen in the world. I don't agree with any of the ideas he puts forth in his writing, but that is neither here nor there. One time, when I owed the IRS a lot of money and couldn't raise it, Heinlein loaned the money to me. I think a great deal of him and his wife; I dedicated a book to him in appreciation. Robert Heinlein is a fine looking man, very impressive and military in stance; you can tell he has a military background, even to the haircut. He knows I'm a flipped out freak and still he helped me and my wife when we were in trouble. That is the best in humanity, there; that is who and what I love."

Phillip K. Dick "The Golden Man"

UPDATE:Dexter sent in this link for a decent article on Dick:


Dexter said...

How can you not agree with anything that Heinlein writes? Blasphemy. Then again as Tom Disch writse in The Stuff are Dreams are Made of The goldern age of Science Fiction is 12 as that is when most of us discover it.

Dexter said...

Good article by Jonathan Lethem on PKD.