Saturday, December 17, 2005

I Swear I'm Not A Prude!

Is it me or is modern culture conspiring to make our girls and young women dress and act like whores? Clothing: I went shopping to buy my daughter some clothes and discovered it difficult to find clothing without questionable writing on it. Call me crazy but I'm not sure that "Juicy Queen" plastered across a young girls chest is a message I want sent. Thank God for L.L. Bean whose clothing is so traditional, i.e. frumpy, that Audrey Hepburn would look plain in it. Actually that's not accurate. I forget who said it but it's true that plain clothes make a pretty girl prettier and a plain girl less noticeable. Lest you think me sexist I think that's equally true for men and boys.
Toys: Modern clothing can be bad enough but my biggest pet peeve is with The Bratz line of toys, cartoons, videos, etc. WTF are these people thinking? If my son came home with a girl dressed like these creatures I would reduce his allowance. God forbid my daughter ever aspired to look like that.
Celebrities: Where does one begin here? Brittany? Christina? Mariah? Or my personal favorite Paris who seems to be famous for no other reason than she was born into a wealthy family and is willing to be misbehave both on video tape and in person.
On my way to work one morning I was flipping through the radio stations hoping in vain to hear actual music, traffic and weather. What I found other than the most annoying commercials imaginable was Howard Stern and a lesbian discussing oral sex and Bubba The Love Sponge had some porn star using a vibrator on the air. This is all well and fine, but there is a time and place for everything. I would argue that 7:30 in the morning probably is not the time and in my car alone is not the place. Advocates of shows like Stern's say if you don't like it change the station, true enough. But what if every other station starts to spawn there own little Stern wannabes such as Bubba? Our culture as whole has become demeaned by such antics. What's next radio station broadcasting people have sex in Saint Patrick's Cathedral? That already happened.
I think it's important to allow children to be children, not hypersexualized little adults. The link below talks about precocious puberty I think it's a subject that deserves some discussion.

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