Sunday, December 18, 2005

King Kong Sucks?

According to Will Collier over at Vodkapundit:

Quick review of Peter Jackson's new King Kong movie: for God's sake, somebody introduce this guy to a competent film editor and screenwriter.

I still want to see it. There just aren't enough giant ape gone amok movies made anymore. Just think how cool Thelma&Louise would have been if they were gigantic apes instead of middle aged women. Talk about missed opportunities.


Dexter said...

He has to be one of the rare naysayers, along with Denby of the New Yorker. Way too long seems to be the only problem that others are noting.

zaphod said...

I don't go to movies anymore. They're all the same. I mean: is there REALLY any difference between "King Kong" and "Brokeback Mountain"? In one you got your big hairy-assed ape. In the other it's a big hairy-assed cowboy. One movie has Faye Wray. In the other you have someone who like to dress up as Faye Wray...

What I'm saying is: aren't all sick, perverted love stories basically the same?