Sunday, December 18, 2005

False Alarm, Other Worries

It looks like Nomar is going to be a Dodger. Good luck to him out there.
Now all we have to worry about is who will be playing right, left and center in Boston. Dexter points out that Damon could very well end up in New York. Possible, that would suck on a lot of levels. Manny the idiot savant slugger wants to be traded elsewhere God knows why. It would be horrible to see them both in New York. Although I think the Yankee aficion and King George would have a lot less patience with Manny being Manny. Any team and fan base will dig Damon if he stays healthy.
The Red Sox and Doug Mientkiewicz are going to arbitration to decide who owns the ball from the final out of Boston's 2004 World Series victory. What horse shite! Mientkiewicz has no more right to that ball than any other team member. He belongs in Kansas City.
Did you know that Lou Gehrig played minor league ball in Hartford?

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Dexter said...

I think I any team would sign Damon with condition that he doesnt "write" another book. Idiot has to be one of the worst sports quickie cash in books ever.