Saturday, December 17, 2005

Nomar A Yankee?

Please just never let that happen. Please. Unlike Roger Clemens who I thought a great pitcher but never really liked, I liked Nomar when he played for Boston. His parting from the Sox could have been better and he has had a tough go of it ever since but that's all in the past, all peccadilloes have been forgiven, I wish him well. It would be shame to have to start wishing injuries upon him if he ever dons blue pinstripes.
The Sportsguy uses the ex girlfriend analogy, I think that's apt. One thinks well of ex girlfriends as long as they don't hook up with one's arch enemy. How would Underdog feel if Sweet Polly Purebred dumped him for Simon Bar Sinister? Pissed that's how.

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Dexter said...

Nomar signed a one year deal with Dodgers as expected due to his ties to Southern Cal and his future role in the ogranization. As a Sox fan I am much more concerned with the Yankees actively pursueing Johnny Damon as their centerfielder and lead off hitter and the possibility of losing Manny to another AL playoff team and only getting 50 cents on the dollar. Nomar playing for the Yankees would be dissapointing but losing Damon to the Yanks would seriously threaten pennant chances.