Thursday, January 12, 2006

Speaking of Judges and Politics

A Vermont judge has stepped in it for a sentencing a convicted pedophile to only 60 days in prison. The slowest moving bandwagon in town is the "I hate crimes against children more than thou, therefore every pederast should be immediately stoned with pointy rocks express". Tempting, but I'm not gonna jump on it just yet. I think until all the facts are known, by all who would judge, that we should assume that this heretofore sensible and tough judge had his reasons for the light sentence. I'll go on record right now and say that I could be completely wrong, maybe the judge has gone soft or worse.
I think what this story demonstrates more than anything else is the politicians and pundits will often take the slowest moving band wagon. Other than ruining an honest civil servants career what's the downside of calling for the firing of this judge if you are wrong? You came out strong against pedophilia, a principled stand. It's polling through the roof. No one will remember the details next November.
With that said I'd like to hear the case for leniency, since there is a natural "shithammer perverts" constituency the judges explanation had better be dammed good.