Friday, January 13, 2006

Holy Bit Shat!

I love bats partly because they're the only member of our class to fly unassisted by technology. (Please don't send in comments about flying frickin' squirrels, they fly slightly better than I do.) Among bats the Flying Fox is the coolest. A fruit eater with good eyesight, these are large bats with wing spans over 70 inches. They live in the daylight in tall trees in communities that can number in the hundreds of thousands. With their wings folded up you'd swear they were a fox, due to their pretty little faces like a fox and reddish brown fur. If I were a tiny little man about the size of the original G.I. Joe, I think it would be a blast to train one of these things, make a little bat saddle and fly around on it's back. No? Well I'm sure you've had a bizarre thought now and then too.

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