Saturday, January 07, 2006

VDH Letter To The Europeans

Even in this debased era of multiculturalism that misleads our youth into thinking no culture can be worse than the West, we all know in our hearts the truth that we live by and the lie that we profess — that the critic of the West would rather have his heart repaired in Berlin than in Guatemala or be a Muslim in Paris rather than a Christian in Riyadh, or a woman or homosexual in Amsterdam than in Iran, or run a newspaper in Stockholm rather than in Havana, or drink the water in Luxembourg rather than in Uganda, or object to his government in Italy rather than in China or North Korea. Radical Muslims damn Europe and praise Allah — but whenever possible from Europe rather than inside Libya, Syria, or Iran.
Victor Davis Hanson

Read the whole thing, this guy is always excellent:

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Alexander G. Rubio said...

I can't say I'm as bowled over by Mr Hanson as some others. In my view his increasingly strident ideological stance is partly overriding his sound judgement, not only as a commentator on contemporary matters, but also (and this is truly sad, as he is/was a force in the field) as a historian.

In response to this latest piece I wrote a small letter in reply, which can also be found here, at, and here, at The European Tribune.

Alexander G. Rubio