Sunday, March 19, 2006

Conservatives I'd Rather Not Drink With

In my last post I listed several people I'd like to have a drink with, most were center-right. Oddly enough some conservatives I'd rather meet in an academic setting or not at all:
1. George Will
I love him to death but I just can't see him letting his hair down. I bet that he either doesn't drink, or doesn't change the slightest when he does, creepy. Or worse yet Imagine if he's the sort who drinks every five years or so and gets really silly, lampshade silly. I couldn't be a part of that.
2. Thomas Sowell
Again another great mind, but he would probably chastise me for wasting $700 on two bottles of whiskey. He just seems so no nonsense it's hard to imagine him asking George Will to pull his finger.
3. Ann Coulter
I just don't like her. If she's that strident when she's sober can you imagine what's she's like with a few belts in her?
4.Pat Buchanan
Pat is the sort of conservative that gives conservatism a bad name. I can't imagine him having fun and enjoying the give and take of lively discussion.
5. William F. Buckley
I can barely understand him when I'm sober and after a few stiff ones he might actually start speaking Greek and recite the Iliad in your choice of Attic, Ionic or Koine, while everyone nods politely while looking at their feet.


CultMan said...

Here, I disagree with Buchanan & Sowell -- I believe we've already seen everything that might be interesting about them in their writings & public appearances....

CultMan said...

That is, I don't believe these 2 are worthy of an invitation or not.... I don't believe I would be concerned or impressed or dismayed by anything they might say or not say, pints or not...
... although I could imagine myself simply wanting to evict them forcibly from both a pub-session and/or an academic forum....