Monday, March 27, 2006

I'm Sick Of This

Are you tired of news stories that portray Arabs and Muslims as angry or offended? I am. You can't swing a dead cat without hearing that this group or that is offended, angered, enraged or burning down embassies and beheading the hapless. Guess what? Animists, Americans, Christians, Jews, Indians, Native Americans, Peruvians, Wiccans, Europeans, Asians, Africans and New Zealanders get angry or offended too, it's just that none of these groups make anger the center of their public expression. Try this, make seeking progress and harmony among your countrymen and your neighbors the prime locus of your lives and see how much better you feel. I'd be pissed off 24/7 too if I had to live with a bunch of morose, dead enders in a 7th century theocracy.
It could be that the press loves exaggerating the stories of those who would criticize the U.S. and their interests. Or it could be that the vast majority of Arabs and Muslims live quiet ordinary lives just like everybody else, but that doesn't make much of a news story.

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