Monday, March 27, 2006

New Addition To The Family

While watching Saturday morning television, which has become a half hour long advertisements for toys, I saw a commercial for the Fur Real Friends Cuddle Chimp. It's an animatronic baby monkey that laughs, burps, hiccups, snores etc. depending on how you hold it. Our one year old, Bea, is always acting like a monkey, so I thought she would like it. Off I went to buy one. Surprise, surprise Bea's scared of the thing, because it moves and makes noise unexpectedly. Desmond our 3 year old loves it. He always hugging it, feeding it and interpreting it's monkey talk. Des has always been a cuddly little monkey himself but he never showed much interest in dolls or stuffed animals. Bea, on the other hand, from day one, was very much into baby dolls and little stuffed creatures, viva la difference.

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