Thursday, March 09, 2006

Way To Go Hartford

The Wadsworth Atheneum has cancelled "Samuel Colt: Arms, Art, and Invention" for lack of $300,000.00.
As many of you may know Colt's factory is but a stones throw from the Atheneum. It's sad that Hartford the city that made Colt famous can't find $300,000.00 to display this exhibition, some of which was donated to the Atheneum by his widow, Elizabeth Hart Jarvis Colt in 1905. I can't help but think that if this were some politically correct exhibition, such as "Transgendered Whales: How Men With Harpoons Drove Them To Extinction" the paltry $300,000.00 would have found a corporate donor. But in a city where gun violence is endemic there is, perhaps, an understandable reticence to affiliate oneself with any sort of gun no matter how beautiful, historic or groundbreaking. Still what a bunch of namby pambies.