Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Free Zacarias Moussaoui!

I have a some predictions for you. Before the end of the week, you will hear or hear of, someone try to make the case that Zacarias Moussaoui should be released based on the bin Laden tape. This person will be college educated and have at least three inane bumper stickers on the back of their car. You may never see the car, but trust me they're there. There is a 75% chance this person will be a politician or a member of the press, if it is someone you know personally there is a 97% chance that this person is not self employed and a 50% chance they work for the federal, state or municipal government.

UPDATE: I thought the car was a minivan, but it's a GMC Safari. Average miles per gallon: 17. If blood=oil under the current regime, isn't this peacenik somewhat blood thirsty?

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Anonymous said...

The irony of having those stickers, How many Lies Per Gallon, No Blood For Oil, on a vehicle that gets 16 mpg city, 21 says all you need to know about the owners political acumen. If you are that concerned there are plenty of high-bred options to perform your soccer mom duties in. "Think Globally act Locally", or is that just another nifty bumper sticker.