Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The U.N. In A Nutshell

The U.N. Committee Against Torture has asked that a prison in Cuba be closed. Is it a prison filled with starving librarians or men whose only "crime" is being gay? No that would take actual moral fiber, the UNCAT wants the prison at Gitmo closed. You know the air conditioned prison where the unlawful combatants are issued new Korans and new jeans because they can't fit into their old ones anymore.
Either the U.N. hates America or they are such poltroons that they dare not risk the wrath of a ten-cent blow hard like Castro. Or both. Either way, at this point they exist only as a useful litmus test to see if an individual is serious about any given issue. Let's say a horde of turtles attacks Latvia. If Senator Ironbox calls for the U.N. to help the Latvians, you know the Senator is just posturing and is secretly rooting for the turtles, because the Latvians will be lucky to get a sternly written letter from the U.N. against the shelled menace.

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