Saturday, May 06, 2006


As a nation of immigrants everybody seems reticent to put the brakes on immigration. I think that the vast majority of immigrants want to come here be Americans and have a better life, but there exists a troubling minority who want to live here but do not share our values. That's all well and good, the whole world needn't agree with religious tolerance and representative government, but they should stay the hell in Goathumpistan where they belong.
I love to know who is organized the massive pro immigrant rallies across the country. Do you think these organizers love America and American values? I shocks me to find that organized labor is in favor of unchecked immigration. I can't think of anything more damaging to labor than an endless supply of cheap supply of non union workers. The first thing we should do before attempting any immigration reform is make it mandatory to prove citizenship in order to vote. If nothing else the gigantic pro immigration rallies prove that these groups are organized and since we don't have the balls to ask people to prove their franchise we will all be euchred out of ours.