Thursday, June 29, 2006

Red Sox Firing on All Cylinders

I like what I see: 1st in the AL east, a 13 game winning streak - longest in 11 years, 16 games without an error, by far the fewest errors in MLB, good hitting, good pitching, good bullpen, excellent defense and they're beating some good teams handily. John Lester is 3 -0, Curt Schilling is tied for the most wins in the AL, Josh Beckett also has 10 wins and is all we hoped he would be and Jonathan Papelbon has 23 saves and a .460 ERA. Oh yeah, Big Pappi has had two walk off hits and Coco Crisp makes plays that Damon could only dream of.


Dexter said...

I would not have posted this yet. Kind of like talking about a no hitter during the game. But it has been sweet clobbering National League for a change. Now if the Mets can beat up on the Yankees that would be even better. 20th anniversary of Game Six this year and thankfully we won't see the Buckner play again without showing the 2004 celebration.

CultMan said...

Ditto -- except I am gonna make a confession -- I'm still livin' in "curse" psychology, and I need he'p.

"Hi, my name is Cultman and I am a pessimist about my native-born and much beloved Bosox; I need help to realize this is beyond my control; I still resort to all sorts of witchcraft and other such nonsense in order to 'help' my team win. please help me get over my superstitious, backward past, and help me to overcome my wicked addictions to witchcraft and Voodoo whenever a game is breaking against my Beloved Bosox."