Monday, July 03, 2006

Blue Connecticut

Connecticut is so liberal that Joe Lieberman may have to run as an independent for his senate seat. Lieberman, as George Will once described him, the sole member of the worlds smallest minority - observant Jews who are in favor of partial birth abortion, is in trouble with Connecticut democrats because of his support of the war in Iraq. Opposing him is Greenwich multi-millionaire Ned Lamont, who's principle qualifications can be summed up in his 75 page tax return and his opposition to the war. There was a time when Joe Lieberman could be pointed too as a respected, reasonable member on the Democratic party, then came the 2000 election where the hapless Gore/Lieberman ticket recklessly spent Lieberman's moral capital in that embarrassing Florida fiasco. It will be interesting to see how this shakes out. One could hope for a GOP candidate to swoop in and capitalize on the Democratic internecine squabbling. Unfortunately most Connecticut Republicans seem to ooze out of the Waterbury political aficion and are as crooked as a syphilitic snakes with scoliosis. Former GOP senate candidate and Waterbury Mayor Phillip Giordano who ran against Lieberman in 2000 is serving 37 years in the federal pen for screwing children in the Mayor's Office and other bad behavior . Our former Governor John Rowland another Waterbury republican was an angel by comparison, he just abused his office for cash and other perks, now he's out of the clink and talking about how power corrupts. No shit John, really?

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CultMan said...

Hey, don't get personal about Waterbury Repubs, as I was one once. Love that alliteration thing, "was one once". Yur right, and I don't get how the Lieb was schuysterd, forgive the pun. Hope he gets back on track, or else walks away.