Monday, July 03, 2006


Prediction: Whoever wins the American League Championship Series will win the World Series. I know, bold prediction. Sad to say but the National League is just plain weak. The New York Mets have the best record in the senior league and the Red Sox beat them like a rented mule who owed them money. The American league on the other hand is full of contenders. Chicago, Detroit, Boston, New York, Toronto, Minnesota and to a lesser extent Oakland could beat any NL team. This year I believe it will be a race between the AL Central and AL East. I like Boston's chances this year because they seem to be well balanced and are doing all the little things right. Detroit has a pitching staff that Steinbrenner would sell the rest of his soul for and Chicago, the defending World Champ, is still a great squad. The Yankees can never be counted out, because somehow those s.o.b.s always find a way to win, even with a pitching staff who carry AARP cards.
The ALDS will be Oakland Vs. Detroit, Chicago (wild card) Vs. Boston. Detroit will rip Oakland apart in 3 or 4 games, Boston may beat Chicago in 5, or vice versa. I would still bet on Boston because I'm silly that way. Detroit and Boston meet up for an epic 7 game slug fest with Boston emerging victorious. Then Boston goes on to beat the NL team - Mets or Cardinals in 5 games in a pro forma World Series. There will be much rejoicing.

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