Monday, July 10, 2006


My Top Ten Beers:
  1. Sierra Nevada IPA All Sierra Nevada stuff is good, their IPA is simply the best IPA out there. Hoppy but not too hoppy and kind of citrusy, goes real well with prosciutto and melon, real hot dogs and Mexican food, not so well with black licorice.
  2. Dogfish Head IPA In case you can't guess, I like IPA. Dogfish Head IPA is more hoppy than thou, in fact the 90 minute version is neigh undrinkable if you don't like hops. If so buy yourself a skirt and stick to Zima.
  3. Sierra Nevada Celebration This brew comes out for the winter holidays and is one of those spicy brews that I normally hate, but man is this good. It probably wouldn't fly as an everyday beer, if one were to drink daily, but it's nice as a change of pace.
  4. Hires Root Beer The one, the original. All other root beers with the possible exception of Barqs are overly sweet, vanilla laden piss. When making a root beer float, don't mess with perfection Hires Root Beer, Breyer's original Vanilla Ice Cream with the little flecks of vanilla bean, then see Florence then die.
  5. Sam Adams Boston Lager Like Sierra Nevada almost all of Sam Adams stuff is good, the Boston Lager is the default beer when at family restaurant which may have only one decent beer on tap. Unfortunately I no longer buy Sam Adams stuff because they sponsored the Opie and Anthony show where a couple thought it clever to have sex in Saint Patrick's Cathedral. Clever marketing strategy numbnuts, flog your good beer to lowlifes and piss off discerning would be dipsomaniacs like me. I still remember a Sam Boston Lager I had 15 years ago. It was August and I was in Kenmore Square waiting for Iannis or Dexter or both. I went in to the Pizzeria Uno and ordered a ginormous Sammy Boston Lager in the air conditioned bar. It was good.
  6. Boddingtons Pub Ale Good stuff when your throwing darts and want to appear all continental and all. I love the can too, sometimes I like a good can. There's a sports bar down the street that has 200 types of beer with 20 or so on tap, they almost always have Boddingtons on tap and it is delicious, creamy and smooth.
  7. Guinness Stout What beer list would be complete without Guinness? Not my everyday beer, but when your in the mood for a Guinness nothing else will do. If you have a good barkeep it will take a minute or two to get a Guinness in a proper glass without a bishop's collar. Some will swear that Guinness in the Holy Land is different and superior to our Guinness here. Having bent both elbows on both sides of the Atlantic I can honestly say I found no difference, except people here drink more than they do Ireland, and that's saying something.
  8. Newcastle Brown Ale Who would think so many British beers would be on my list? For a dark beer Newcastle is kind of light and easy drinking, maybe too easy. This beer is almost not carbonated, sweet and not very hoppy if at all. As much as I like the bottle, the bottle cap is even cooler, I have hundreds of them nailed to my bedroom ceiling.
  9. Czech Rebel Like Pilsner Urquell but cheaper and not nearly as skunky. There's a package store near here that sells cases of this stuff real cheap in half liter bottles. When you want to pretend to read The Book Of Laughter and Forgetting in the original Czech, one must be seen quaffing a genuine Czech beer, but not the obvious Czech beer, something that only the locals might know.
  10. Coors Light When you want to celebrate something by showering everyone and everything with beer and don't want to waste beer that the beer gods might actually care about or that you may regret wasting, Coors is the beer. If a 23 year old Sophia Loren is a Sierra Nevada IPA, Coors light is a blow up doll of a 12 year old Kate Moss - with a leak in it.


Dexter said...

Boycotting Sam for being sponsor of stupid show? C'mon! That sounds like the liberals who continue boycott Coors because their founder was a racist.

Dexter said...

Pilsner Urquell on tap in these parts. Probably due to Bohemians around here. The National Czech and Slovak Musuem is in Cedar Rapids, IA.

zaphod said...

They didn't just sponsor the show. Jim Koch (founder of the Boston Beer Company) was on the show handing out prizes to competing couples. The Boston Beer Company has since issued an apology. Jim Koch gave a second, personal one. The Catholic League of NYC decided to bury the hatchet but, of course, others continue to boycott the beer.

I'm not overly impressed with liberals who boycott Coors because that's a boycott that doesn't involve sacrifice. But boycotting something you actually enjoy - like Sam Adams - is about the principle.

El Duderino said...

Yeah, in your face Dexter!
While I'm at it I would like to go on record that I too will boycott Coors. Not because it tastes like seltzer water with an eye dropper of real beer in it, but because of their abysmal labor record.
El Duderino, friend of the working man.

Dexter said...

A matter of taste, some would say the same about Sam not being a sacrifice and Coors a significant one. And if Coor's is good enough for Willie Mays whom am I to argue?