Monday, July 10, 2006


I watched Empire of The Sun yesterday with the boy. Spielberg can be pretty good when he lays of the sap and the saccharine. It occurs to me that our memories are indeed short if we think we are the only power that North Korea has pissed off recently. Now comes this news story that Japan is thinking about changing their constitution to allow them to preemptively strike North Korea. China can't be happy with an awakened Japan and will probably exert it's influence on it's client state to behave. Either that or the Japanese will knock the dog poop out of them and sow their fields (if any) with salt.
The guys over at Pajamas Media have a few ideas how things might play out.

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Dexter said...

Check out J.G Ballards comments on waiting 40 years to write about his experiences in China... from Guardian. I would Ballard is British version P.K. Dick.,,1722859,00.html