Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Harold Reynolds

Harold Reynolds has been canned by ESPN allegedly over sexual harassment. This sucks, after Peter Gammons Harold Reynolds is my favorite Baseball Tonight commentator. I don't know the details of the story, but I doubt ESPN would have taken this drastic action unless they had to.


dolittle said...

Friend's hubby works for ESPN. I can see what I can find out if you're interested enough......


Dexter said...

ESPN has a stringent sexual harassment policy. This is the only quote I found.

Reynolds told The Post "This was a total misunderstanding. My goal is to sit down and get back. To be honest with you, I gave a woman a hug and I felt like it was misinterpreted." Reynolds declined to give the Post any more details.

According to the Post's sources, the woman who accused Reynolds is an ESPN coworker. Reynolds says he is hopeful ESPN executives will change their minds. He has been with the network for 11 years and is a host on "Baseball Tonight".