Tuesday, July 04, 2006

North Korea

I'm thankful I live in society that has sent men and women, from different countries, into space and on Independence Day 2006 we did it yet again. More importantly the launch happened while my wife and I were chomping down on juicy, thick, medium rare porterhouse steaks and some perfectly ripe cantaloupe. I didn't go to church this past Sunday, but I could have. I ordered 4 books from Amazon today and by Friday I will have them. Almost everyday I write something in this blog that might irritate somebody, yet not one knock on my door. On this computer I have hundreds of songs, ranging from the ridiculous to the sublime, that I can listen to anytime I want. I, like most of you, live in a blessed time and place.
Then there's North Korea. A country that can't feed it's people has found the means to launch several missiles into the Sea of Japan. The US responded by denouncing this action, and talking to our allies and the UN. Good luck. I would like to know why this is our issue? If Cuba launched a missile across Florida into the Gulf of Mexico would Japan take the lead in kicking Cuba's ass? Not likely. Japan is a wealthy nation and if memory serves a damn tough one. Let them knock the dog shit out of north Korea, bury that bizzaro Kim Jong Il up to his neck at a crossroad and make every passer by take a saw at neck with a bamboo saw. Then as a reward for ridding the world of a gigantic pain in the ass, Japan would have exclusive rights to rebuild and exploit the New North Korea for fifty years. A Sanyo in every living room , a Toyota in every garage. Japanese skill, industry and know how turning a famished nation into a food exporter in 10 years. We did our part in that region, let Japan repay the favor.


Dexter said...

Jeez, YOu had some time on your hands this weekend eh? I am all in favor of letting South Korea take the lead on this as they seem to realize that it is only a matter of time before N. Korea collapses or starves off its populace. A few Russian or Chinese MIGS knocking off some missile sites would not hurt either.

zaphod said...

I'd have no problem with letting Japan deal with NoKor but I suspect China wouldn't be too happy with that plan.

Four reasons why this is our problem: Japan, South Korea, China, Taiwan. That's 4 of our top 8 trading partners. We have HUGE economic and geopolitical interests in not seeing East Asia go boom.

CultMan said...

Now, after failed missile, what?

Dexter said...

The obvious course would be to let Pyongyang's neighboring capitals to take lead and adopt a wait and see approach.
So I expect the current administration will send the 2nd Division across the 38th parallel any day now.