Thursday, July 13, 2006

Say It Ain't So

Oh no, Rivers Cuomo says that Weezer may be done forever.
I last saw Weezer at Toads Place in New Haven many years ago. 'Twas a great show to an appreciative crowd. I saw Cuomo hanging with his parents before the show and Matt Sharp took the stage with bed head and looked liked they woke him up about ten minutes before showtime. Even then I was 10-15 years older than everyone else in the crowd. Dexter was supposed go with me but was under house arrest or something, which left me in the dubious position of being the only guy at a concert who wasn't dropped off by his parents. I did bump into my niece though. She was in the no drinking area which was netted off by these silly cargo nets to keep the kiddie winkies away from the hooch, so I wasn't gonna hang out with her. Good times, good times.


Dexter said...

Didn't we see them together in Providence and the kids were asking us to launch them into the crowd so they could surf? Or was that another show? I think the last time I was at Toad's was for a Dinosaur Jr. show and had to leave because it was beyond deafening...could not even hear the was fun for about 10 minutes but then i needed earplugs.

El Duderino said...

No, Providence was the Mighty, Mighty Bosstones. I don't remember kids asking us to launch them in PVD but a young lady asked me to launch her at a Letters to Clio, MMB show in New Britain. I didn't do it because it's a bad idea so she asked two big kids to launch her and they did. She fell right through the crowd and bounced her head off the floor. She had a bruise and swelling on her forehead the size of Bud Kinger. Good times, good times.