Thursday, July 13, 2006

Alan Schlesinger Asked To Withdraw

What a wiener! Alan Schlesinger a Shelton attorney who is the Republican candidate for the US Senate seat currently held by Joe Lieberman has been asked by Republican Governor Jodi Rell and CT GOP Chairman George Gallo to end his candidacy because he used a fictitious name to gamble at the Foxwoods Resorts Casino while an elected official in the 1990s. Schlesinger said he used a pseudonym because he wanted to protect his political aspirations.
"I was in politics. I used a pseudonym just for this reason, this stupidity we're going through now."
That worked well didn't it "Judgement King"? According to Schlesinger he had been asked at various times not to play blackjack, perhaps because he can count cards. Good for you Alan, I have no problem with that, I hope you took both casinos for tens of millions. But can't you see how hanging out in a casino, using a fake name to gamble, potentially trespassing by doing so, may be inconsistent with the life of those who would join the worlds greatest deliberative body? If not, your judgement is questionable and your candidacy doomed and an embarrassment. Withdraw.

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