Wednesday, August 16, 2006

@*&%$%!? Bumper Stickers

As you, my astute reader, may know I hate bumper stickers with every corpulent fiber of my republican being. Not only are they stupid, annoying and hard to remove, they give the clueless a chance to share their thoughts with those of us who just don't give a rat's ass. Example: on the way into work this afternoon I saw a newish Volvo Station Wagon with a bumper sticker that read "Growing the Economy is Shrinking the Ecosystem". At first I thought "Right on man, Power to the People!" and then thrust my right fist through my sun roof in a sign eco-camaraderie, then exhaled and turned up the Dead on my eight track. Wait, that wasn't me. I thought what unmitigated balls to be driving around in $30,000 car made out of steel and plastic that burns plain old evil gasoline with a sticker like that. Oh the effrontery! It's like O.J. Simpson walking around wearing a bloody stop domestic abuse T shirt.

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ScottJ said...

Too funny.
How about the bumper sticker I see every day "Pro Child and Pro Choice". What the heck does that mean? I love all the kids I didn't kill?