Wednesday, August 16, 2006

How Lame Is This?

Some country western yahoo has been arrested for shooting a caged bear with a bow & arrow then editing a video tape to make it look like he shot it in the wild. I like to hunt as much as the next guy, but shooting a caged animal is about as fun as shooting yourself in the foot. When I was in college I used to spend a lot of time at the farm hunting for nuisance animals, woodchuck which ate the vegetables and dug up the horse paddock, foxes and raccoons that ate the chickens. Some might even say that I spent far too much time and energy in search of woodchucks, but what can I say it was a lot of fun. Once we put a have a heart trap in the chicken coop and caught this monster raccoon, when asked to shoot it I couldn't do it. Mind you, if I saw this poor helpless beast sniffing around the barn yard I would have shot it without hesitation, but there's something about shooting a caged animal that's so completely un-sporting I couldn't do it. Why is that?

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CultMan said...

I have no problem shooting raccoons, caged or otherwise. i do it all the time.