Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Jury Duty

Here's an interesting story from the Courant. A 29 year old attorney, Jonathon Edington, climbed into his neighbor Barry James' home and stabbed him to death because he thought James had sexually assaulted his 2 year old daughter. The details are sketchy at this point and no one knows for sure if James had molested the girl. As a father I would make a questionable juror on this case. If the dead man had in fact harmed the 2 year old girl, I would be in favor of sending the father/killer away for as long as a year. If the father/killer is just some wacko who killed for no reason then I would be in favor of sending him away permanently. We are a nation of laws and people shouldn't take the law into their own hands. I really believe that, sometimes. Conversely, I can fully understand how someone might kill a person they believed harmed their 2 year old girl in that way. I also think that if the molestation happened the chances of James offending again are damn good while the chances of Edington finding a good reason to kill someone are fairly low.

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