Monday, September 04, 2006

Steve Irwin

Some have made comparisons between Steve Irwin's tragic death and the untimely death of that fruitcake the Grizzly Man. In a word: No, not at all. Irwin always stressed the danger and unpredictability of the animals he worked with and while he pushed the envelope of safety to make watchable T.V. I don't think anyone could rightly call him reckless. What happened to him is exceedingly rare. If he had been stung anywhere but the heart, he would still be alive.
I always liked Irwin, his enthusiasm was infectious. He has done more for Salty Crocs than anyone else, that along with his children will be his legacy.

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CultMan said...

Funny story to tell -- I saw teh show on Discovery Channel about GM; I thought I was on "Comedy Network", and I thought I had discovered the new replacement for Ali G. Show. I was laughing so hard I was crying; then I found out it was true and these folks were serious.

So I clicked it on teh other night and showed my wife Donna (without commentary, as she likes murder shows and teh Black Dahlia and such, unlike me, for the most part); and she busrts out laughing too!

Neither of us could conceive of this being a true story, a real documentary, or even a true (albeit tragic and morose and stupid) story with serious commentary.

Then I broke the news. She and I watch "the grizzly man" story like we watch South Park. We simpl7y find it hilarious. Are we crazy?