Thursday, October 26, 2006

Soul Searching

Hugh Hewitt interviews Andrew Sullivan about Sullivan’s new book, The Conservative Soul. Here's the transcript.

Sullivan doesn't acquit himself well but Hewitt's claim to be an "Evangelical Roman Catholic Presbyterian" didn't help him. I may understand what Hewitt is saying but it left him in a bad position to challenge Sullivan on his theology.


AST said...

I didn't listen to it, although I generally listen to Hugh every day. I just couldn't bring myself to listen to Andrew Sullivan's dishonesty. I agree with you about
Hugh's Evangelical Presbyterian Catholicism, but then I'm a Mormon and none of the three even acknowledges us as Christians. Hugh's been quite friendly to me, though. He has a view, as I do, that Mere Christianity is a good thing. It's when people start arguing over their differences in doctrine and become contentious, much of that good gets drowned out.

CultMan said...

I agree, yet Sullivan comes across for what he is -- a hypocritical catholic who will insist on avoiding being portrayed as such by claiming "inquisition" and such nonsense. Hewitt made some silly gaffs, and yet Sullivan continued to portray himself as a unspohisticated, uneducated, cafeteria catholic. Without good reason, becuse he actually wants to claim to be living within the heart of teh Church.