Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A Few Thoughts On The Election

  • It looks like the Dems have taken the house, and who knows perhaps the senate. I look forward to any new idea they may come up with.
  • John DeStefano just gave his concession speech, I thought he did a damn fine job. He seems like a decent guy, we just disagree on almost every issue.
  • Lincoln Chaffee lost, now Rhode Island has a real Democrat in the senate. Go away Lincoln.
  • I hope the GOP leadership takes a hard look at what we stand for. They need to stop spending money recklessly, stop screwing around in Iraq and secure our borders.
  • Speaker Nancy Pelosi will forestall a Rodham-Clinton presidency in 2008. After two years of one screetchy, liberal harridan the country will have no stomach for another.
  • Lieberman won, I haven't heard Lamont concede yet. Schlesinger did better than I expected.
  • Jodi Rell won easily. Apparently the governor's mansion is on a one way street because I didn't notice her spending any of her political capital to help other GOP candidates.
  • It's great to watch TV without those damn annoying political ads.

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