Tuesday, November 07, 2006

It's all over except for the voting...

Actually, that's not true. Within about a nanosecond of the polls closing tonight, the 2008 presidential race will begin. But that's the NEXT campaign. THIS one is all but history and I'll be leaving to go do my civic duty as soon as I'm done here.

I don't know what to expect. There's a lot of noise. Dems are hopeful. The GOP is doleful. A number of polls show a late GOP surge. Last night on Brit Hume's show on FoxNews, there was unanimity around the roundtable that the House would pass from Republican control. The other day over at HughHewitt.com, Dean Barnett climbed out on a limb and declared the GOP would not only hold onto the House but would "run the table" in all the close Senate races. I want to believe him but last August, right after Lieberman lost in the primary, Barnett predicted Joe would be forced from the race by Labor Day... I think I'll give him a "mulligan". After all, since he won the primary, Lamont's run a really dumb campaign. I suppose there was no way to predict that would happen. So maybe Barnett's right about THIS race... I don't doubt there's momentum in our direction but that won't mean nothing if we still fall short. I think there's a good chance Democratic gains can be kept below 20 seats which would give them a bare majority. I also think we'll hold the Senate. I'd REALLY like to see Michael Steele win in Maryland. I don't care if Allen or Chafee get bounced but it sure would be nice if Santorum can somehow, someway find his way to victory tonight.

Here in Connecticut, Lieberman will get his revenge and I'm guessing we'll hang on to two of the House seats. Simmons will win one of those races...

That's it from MY crystal ball. My district votes at the Methodist church a few blocks from here. I'm off to cast one of the few Republican votes that will come out of Hartford today. I'll be back here tomorrow to argue about what it all means.

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