Friday, December 15, 2006


It seems the multiculti crowd has their panties in a knot over Apocalypto, which is just another reason for me to see it. I didn't see Mel Gibson's The Passion of The Christ and for some reason I have no desire to, but I appreciate Gibson's audacity in making these gigantic weirdo films. In an age of Deuce Bigalow part I, II and III it's refreshing to see somebody make films that push buttons, stretch limits and confound industry expectations. Remember that The Passion was supposed to be Gibson's last movie, it proved to be a cash cow that enabled him to make Apocalypto.


ScottJ said...

You should see The Passion. In my opinion, it can hardly be considered a weirdo film for those that profess a Christian faith.

zaphod said...

I agree. Nothing "weirdo" about it at all. It's the story of Jesus of Nazareth's crucifixion. I do understand why someone wouldn't want to see it, though. You have to screw up your courage. It's a hard movie to watch partly because the story itself is so powerful and also because the film is so well done.

El Duderino said...

Having seen neither picture I wasn't commenting on the subject matter of either film. Rather the "weirdness" comes from the fact that The Passion and Apocalypto are both American movies scripted entirely in arcane foreign languages which proved no impediment to their success. That my freinds is very very weird in that it has never happed before.

Anonymous said...

Well, "weird" is an inteesting word. I like it.

But nowadays it connotes, well, "weird". As in pedophile weird.

In any event, The Passion should be seen by anyone who is interested in what Chritianity is all about. Although it is understated (surely the cat-o-9-tails did more damage than that! indeed most scholars describe what would have happenned more gruesomley, as if to imply that no one could have possibly carried their own cross after such a beating), nevertheless, the film clearly shows what is most important to Orthodox Christianity -- the "Pope" -- ie St Peter -- as defintiely fallible by his own rights, and Mary as the Mother of God & the Church. This last point may very well be the only point to for which a believer would ish to watch anti-Semitic Mel's beautiful and worthy film 'The Passion of the Christ." PS New Testament-wise it presents very minor errors, while taming through understatement the violence of the forces at work during Christ's execution.