Friday, January 05, 2007

Big Unit Back To Arizona

Who couldn't see this coming:

All the while, Johnson proved ill-fitted for New York. He got off on the wrong foot, pushing a TV cameraman on a Manhattan street the day before his introductory press conference. He brooded over what was written and said in the media, and teammates generally found him aloof and self-absorbed.

The shoving incident was the the death knell for Johnson's New York foray. He wasn't in town two days and he was already shoving the press, go back to Hooterville you gangly hayseed.

If he can't figure out how to pitch now that his fast ball ain't so fast and his slider don't slide, he could always become a pitch man for Viagra, with a name like Randy Johnson he can't go wrong.
Evil Empire Picture shamelessly lifted from Boston Dirt Dogs.

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Dexter said...

I would have preferred he stayed in NY. Don't like to see them Yankees get younger and lose payroll.