Friday, January 05, 2007

What Do Our Enemies Want?

The current debate in Washington is whether to pull out of Iraq, i.e. cut and run - with honor of course, or to double down with a large and long lasting surge in troop strength and finish what we started. At the risk of being churlish and vindictive, I support the troop surge if for no other reason than to vex our enemies and the no blood for oil crowd. If you imagine there are insurgents anywhere in Iraq who would welcome 30,000 more American Troops you need to add a layer of foil to your hat.
It seems insane to me to quit at this point. The only place we are close to losing are in the imaginations of those who opposed the war to begin with. Them and of course our enemies, foreign and domestic who for whatever reason prefer to see the U. S. humiliated and vicious insurgents of varying degrees of depravity triumph.
There is so much more at risk than the Middle East and cheap oil. The prestige and influence of our Republic is at stake. The next time we get involved in a foreign war, we may be surprised that allies are hard to find and who could blame them? A feckless hegemon is a dangerous ally.
Victor Davis Hanson has an excellent piece on our Iraq policy, read the whole thing.

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