Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Bizarre Love Triangle In Space and Diapers

Don't worry I'm not gonna write a whole post on that poor crazy Astronaut lady. Instead I'll try to imagine some of the more inevitable headlines:
  • AstroNUT!
  • CosmoNut!
  • NUTnik!
  • AstroNOT!
  • The Wrong Stuff?
  • $23 Billion Spent and This Is The Most Excitement Since Sputnik!
  • Houston, We have Some Problems!
  • Astro-better-not Steal My Man!
  • One step for a man, one giant drive in a piss sodden diaper
  • Love Sick Space Gal Depends on Depends!
  • Tranquility Base? Tranquility Base? Tranquility NOW! TRANQUILTY NOW!

I must admit, the only thing I find curious is that she had rubber tubing with her and only a four inch knife. If you're going to dismember a live person while using the rubber tubing to prevent them from bleeding out, wouldn't you want a bigger blade? I know I would. I kid of course.

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