Friday, February 09, 2007

Life in Prison

A 13 year kid was arrested for shooting a girl in the head with a "pellet gun" at a bus stop:

The boy was charged with possession of a dangerous weapon, reckless endangerment, risk of injury and breach of peace, he said. "Our intent is to take him to juvenile detention," Smith said.
Book him Danno! While the kid is probably a pain in the ass and his stunt unwelcome, can we try to keep some perspective here? He shot the girl with an Airsoft Pellet Gun which is basically a toy that shoots little rubber pellets. To criminalize every stupid thing a kid might do just makes law enforcement seem stupid and capricious. Give the kid a .22 rifle and force him to shoot rats at the town dump 3 hours a day, everyday, until he gets tired of it, if he ever gets tired of it, and see if that makes him a better citizen. I know it worked for me.

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