Tuesday, March 13, 2007

General Peter Pace and Gays in The Military

General pace stepped in it by saying that he views homosexual acts to be immoral. Like tic following toc, gay advocates demand an apology, refusing to put up with this sort of intolerance.
Tolerance and acceptance aren't they same thing. Many people tolerate gays but do not accept them. Peter Pace is one of these people and he is not alone. In civilian life it doesn't really matter how outrageous your fellow citizens are because you don't have to live with them if you don't want to. In the military everyone has to pretty much fall into line so that several dozen men or women can live together without killing each other.
There are gays in military serving honorably, may God bless and keep them. I'm not huge fan of DADT, but like any other compromise it has it's merits. If a service member is gay but he/she makes a point of keeping their personal live private, I see no need to annoy them. DADT allows this.
To those who would like to see a world were everyone is judged on their merits as opposed to creed, color, race, sexual orientation etc., I would like to see that too someday. Let me know when it happens in academia, the media, politics, business and sports and then I'll join you in demanding that service members share their homes, their tents and their lives with open and active gays and lesbians.
Gay advocates claim that during a war over 10,000 service members have been discharged because of their sexuality, including 50 Arabic specialists. How does one explain this? A cynic might suggest that a wily soldier weary of getting shot at might slap a wet one on his platoon leader to get the hell out of the Army. I'd be interested to see how many discharged gays were slated for deployment and how many have subsequently rediscovered their latent heterosexuality.

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