Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A Multitude Of Issues Today

  • Tony Snow

Tests show that Tony Snow's cancer has returned, this time it has spread to his liver. This sad news less than a week after the death of Cathy Seipp from lung cancer. Tony Snow is a good man. I hope he makes a speedy, full recovery.

  • UAW

President of the United Auto Workers Ron Gettelfinger warned that their cooperation in the past shouldn't be taken as a sign of weakness. Good luck with that. It's like tapeworm saying even though the host is dying it still demands it's nice, warm intestine to inhabit. Newsflash Gettelfinger, onerous union health and retirement contracts make it nearly impossible for American auto makers to compete globally.

  • Joe Lieberman

I never thought I'd write this, especially after November 2000, but I am damn proud of Joe Lieberman. While 50 poltroons in the U.S. Senate voted to cut and run, including needle-dick Republicans Chuck Hagel of Nebraska and Gordon Smith of Oregon, 47 real Republicans and Joe Lieberman voted against giving the insurgency a much needed shot in the arm. Thank God John Kerry is yet another turd circling the bowl and not in a position to sign this abomination and thank God for George W. Bush.

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