Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Unmet Expectations

From Mitch Berg via Kim duToit

1. What, in your experience, was the most overrated movie of all time?
The Piano. Everyone loved it, deemed it heavy and artesque. I thought it ponderous and predictable when you bothered to give a damn about the story, which wasn’t all that often.
2. What was the most overrated album?
Dark Side of The Moon. It's okay I guess, but I never wore one out. Maybe I need to learn how to smoke dope or something.
3. What is the most overrated book?
Ulysses by James Joyce. Yeah he’s the most brilliant author ever and I’m the best looking man ever, you just don’t get my beauty. I haven’t read Finnegan’s Wake, but I hear it’s worse yet.
4. What is the most overrated blog?
Left-wing: I normally don't read a left-wing blogs, per se. The closest thing that I read that comes close to this description is Andrew Sullivan’s tripe fest over at The Atlantic. Make no mistake, Sullivan can write, but his insincerity is bothersome.
Right-wing: This Blog, insofar that it’s rated at all.
5. What was the most overrated television show?
Tough one since most of them suck. The fact that “The War at Home” is on the air and “Arrested Development” and “Andy Richter Controls The Universe” are not tells you all you need to know about TV.
6. What would you call the most overrated magazine?
Barely Legal. Some of those chicks are like 22! What a gyp!
7. Who was the most overrated classical composer?
Richard Wagner. Even though his farts are more musical than my dreams, I still find him tedious, except for that part of his oeuvre directly involving either Bugs Bunny or Elmer Fudd.
8. Who is the most overrated pop songwriter?
Pick one, with few exceptions they all suffer from toxic self regard. Stevie Wonder is a musical genius? Really? Hum ten songs that he’s written. Those tools from Oasis seem to think they're the cat’s pajamas too.
9. What is the most overrated genre in any form of art?
Hip Hop is music only in the sense that you can record it and listen to it. Somebody much brighter than I said that all music is a mix of music and sociology. Bach’s Prelude and Fugue for keyboard No. 8 in E flat minor from The Well Tempered Clavier is 96% pure music, the most artful pop song you ever heard is 50/50. Hip Hop is 95% sociology, pathological sociology at that.


zaphod said...

Sullivan is blogging for The Atlantic.

I so very much agree with you about Andy Richter's old show. I caught his new one last week. Not nearly as good.

Most overrated movie? That's easy! Pulp Fiction

dolittle said...

*spoiler alert*

Nothing made me happier than when she drowned with the Piano at the end.

-miss do

ScottJ said...

Zaphod beat me to it on the most overrated movie of all time.

El Duderino said...

As much as I liked Pulp Fiction I do think it's slightly overrated, but far from the most.
I'm shocked that Scottj has seen it.

ScottJ said...

Still haven't... just love tweeking the duderino. :-)

Dexter said...

Life is Beautiful...most overrated film...Borat seems to be running a close second.

Dexter said...

Pulp Fiction is no where near the most over rated. Think of the narrative style and the slew of imitators since. It is a water shed film.

El Duderino said...

Life is Beautiful was horrible, the only thing worse is the same movie with Robin Williams Jakob The Liar. Call me inflexible but I think there is nothing funny about a concentration camp.