Thursday, March 01, 2007

Questions and Answers

The Question: What we will never have so long as humans inhabit the earth?
The Question: Name an clever and effective mode of communication, other than Spam?
The Question: Who will save the people of Darfur?
The Question: What comes after "C"?
The Question: What do liberals excel at?

The Question: I'm tired of ham & cheese omelets, where can I get something different?
The Question: What tired philosophy is responsible for the deaths of 242,294,997 unborn women since 1973?
The Question: What did Morrissey have for dinner last night?
The Question: If you want peace and security, what belief system is most effective?

1 comment:

Dexter said...

Looking at the Nuggets record...(28-28)... The Answer (A.I)has not really been the answer.