Wednesday, March 21, 2007

War Protests

NEW YORK - America's current anti-war movement is resourceful and persistent, but often seems to lack the vibrancy of its counterpart in the Vietnam era when protesters burned draft cards, occupied buildings and even tried to levitate the Pentagon. The biggest difference, say activists and historians, is the lack of a draft.
That, and the protesters are forty years older. I have often suspected that many anti war types are longing for the relevance and passion of their youth. My oldest brother, a Vietnam Vet, went to Washington D.C. over the weekend as part of the Gathering of Eagles. Here's what he had to about the event:

Well I have not yet seen an accurate report of the numbers of people assembled. My personal observation is that there were more "Eagles" than turds. We had masses in three locations to there one. We were primarily at the Vietnam Memorial to protect it from threats of vandalism. That is why I went. We were successful.
It looks to me that somehow, someone has found a way to freeze dry pseudo radicals and thaw them out for demonstrations. There was street theatre but nothing original. It was all stolen from my generation especially the music.
When the turds oozed back from the Pentagon some of them got into a bottle throwing frenzy with the Police. As a casual observer with experience in the methods of crowd control it was a joy to watch the DC Police and the Park Police react with speed, overwhelming numbers and restraint. The police came from every direction on foot, horse back, Harley Davidsons with sidecars, Hondas, Bicycles, vans and sedans. Directed by a helicopter overhead.

The bottom line is that the press still has their left leaning agenda in misreporting the numbers of participants. The leftist have been put on notice that they will no longer have "the stage" of our national mall to themselves.
The nation supports its ALL VOLUNTEER MILITARY AND NAVAL FORCES. The republic is strong.
Long live the memory of Charles Martel!


Pam said...

I was there too, and the official Park Services count was 30,000 of us to their 3,000-5,000. Quite a difference, but you won't read that in the NYT or see it on CNN. Kudos to your brother for making it down!

Dexter said...

What does Charlemagne have to do with it?

El Duderino said...

Dexter weren't you a History Major with a 3.9 GPA? $80,000 of Guiness trumps $40,000 of tuition every time.