Sunday, April 22, 2007


Great weekend, took the boys fishing and no one other than one poor trout got hooked and oh yeah, the Red Sox swept the Yankees. Yoink!

For those of you reside out of New England, this weekend's weather reminded me why I live here. Sunny, warm but not hot. Cool at night. After the Nor'easter we had all last week, the fine clime was just what the doctor ordered.

It was so nice we packed up the family in the gas guzzling SUV and went to the drive in movie last night. Yes, for you UCONN alums it was at Mansfield Drive In, which is like one of two drive ins left in Connecticut. Meet The Robinsons, which could be a good movie, I don't know I was in a car with 3 kids hopped up on Twizzlers. The second feature was Mark Wahlberg's Shooter. The kids had wound down by this point, which is a shame since I could have used the entertainment. What a shitty movie. Cliched, implausible, condescending, inane and politically fubar. Take my word for it, it sucked and I'm inclined to like shoot 'em up films.

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zaphod said...

From the Soxaholic:

"And in Boston there was a great rejoicing. In New York, not so much."